Release Notes

Last updated 9th June with releases from May 2021.

May 2021

Main releases 📣

Connect to external APIs: Let the extensibility begin! We had a bit of fun using this feature on our website homepage to hit WeatherAPI - and of course Mailchimp as well for our waitlist sign-ups.

Mathematical operators: want to perform calculations using dynamic data or a static formula? Now you can. We’ve tried this out ourselves on our website home page.

Invite collaborators at project level: working in a team? Now you can easily invite teammates to your projects via the Settings tab within your project.

Delete data fields and collections: no longer need a field or an entire collection? Now you can easily delete it from the data tab in the builder. But be careful!

Custom sender name for automated emails - now you can make your emails appear to be sent from Your Company rather than Noloco. Email settings can be configured in your main ‘Project settings’

Google Sign-In for Noloco accounts: now you can use your Google account to sign-up to Noloco.

Other new features 📰

- Google Maps element
- Single and multiple choice checkbox elements for forms
- Iframe support
- Password recovery and reset

Improvements 📈

- Improved rendering of favicons and social-sharing previews
- Improved form building experience
- Vastly improved filtering of lists
- Better SQL query generation

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