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The complete no-code solution for professionals.

Why Noloco?

Developing a web app is hard - but it doesn’t have to be.
Noloco looks after all the boring parts like authentication and API creation so that you can focus on what matters most - making your project unique.


Your data, your way

Model your data however you want. Easily add collections and define relationships between them all on our built-in database. Import your data or start from scratch with dedicated client CMS functionality.


Dream it, design it

You're in full control of your design. Start from scratch or drag in ready-made blocks. With our responsive builder, you can ensure that your app is pixel perfect across all screen sizes.


Supercharge your app with actions & automations

Allow your users to trigger complex workflows that can create and update data, hit external APIs, send emails or trigger third-party automations like Zapier or Integromat.


Deploy your app in one click

Your apps are hosted on the Noloco cloud. Preview changes in your personal sandbox before launching. And when you’re ready to go, connect your custom domain to showcase your project.


More than a website builder

Yes, you can build a website (like this one). But you can do so much more with Noloco. Scroll down to see dynamic data and APIs in action. Or check out more examples of what you can build.

What can I build with Noloco?

Explore our templates

Here, we’re fetching and listing a collection of some of our favourite templates from our database. Feel free to take a closer look.

Make custom API requests

Building a weather app? Probably not. But here’s an example where we’re using WeatherAPI to show the forecast for your chosen city.

Dublin Ireland
Tuesday, Jun Partly cloudy
8.1 °18.8 °
Wednesday, Jun Patchy rain possible
4.6 °11.5 °
Thursday, Jun Patchy rain possible
9.2 °15.6 °

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How much development time will you save?

You can perform complex calculations with Noloco. For example, here we have a formula to estimate your team’s time savings each year.

Projects per month
Team size
hours / year

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