Collect information from your app users with Forms

Introducing Forms

What can I do with Forms in Noloco?

Do you need to collect information from your customers or your team? Noloco provides ready-made forms to collect the data you need from your app users. No need for back and forth emails.

For each of your data collections, Noloco automatically creates forms where you can add new records. Configure your form display and add powerful logic in minutes.

Form Display Options

Easily control the look and feel of your forms

Simply toggle on and off what fields you want to show in your forms. Set placeholder text and choose from different display options to make your form look pretty.

You can also allow your users to create new records in related collections right from the same form.

Conditional Logic

Get smart with Form Logic

Set conditional logic for when a form field appears. For example, you might only want to show fields if the record belongs to a certain category or relates to a certain user.

You can also use hidden fields to set default values (e.g. new records should all have the ‘Pending’ status).

When a form is submitted
User submits form to add new Property
Update data collection
New Property record is created
Trigger a Workflow
Send an email or trigger a webhook

Integrations, Workflows & Permissions

It's all connected

Your form submissions don’t just end up in a black box. They’ll be stored in the relevant data collection - and new records will automatically sync with your external data sources like Airtable and Google Sheets.

Trigger emails or webhooks when a new record is created using Workflows.

Control which users are allowed to create records with Permissions.