Build an app from your Airtable base

Instantly create customer portals, partner apps & internal tools from your Airtable base - without code.

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App BUilder

Build an app in minutes

Once you connect your Airtable base, Noloco automatically creates your app around your data in Airtable - including collection views, record views and forms to add new records.

From there, it’s super easy to make tweaks to achieve the exact UI you’re looking for.

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enable your team or customers to access & edit data


Enable your team or customers to access & edit data

No need to give direct access to your Airtable base.
Create user roles, set visibility rules and define database level permissions to control which types of users have different levels of access to your app. Keep tight control over what data your users can see and edit.

Speedy syncing

Keep your Airtable in sync

No need for complex automations - we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you.

Any updates made from your Noloco app will be reflected instantly in your Airtable. Updates made directly to your Airtable base should be reflected in Noloco within a minute.

manage users directly from airtable

User Lists

Manage users directly from Airtable

Maintain your list of app users directly in Airtable. Create a User List in Noloco to automatically sync user data and assign user roles.

The best part? All plans come with unlimited external users. No need to pay per seat for those outside your organisation.


Easy automations to save you hours

No need for manually sending emails or painstakingly updating your other software tools. 

With Workflows, you can automate the sending of emails whenever data is updated in your app. You can also trigger webhooks or use our integration to keep your other software tools in sync.

When an Application record is updated
Send an email to the applicant
Trigger a webhook