Build custom workflows that automate your business

Effortlessly automate tasks with customizable workflows tailored to your needs.
Enable instant actions with one-click triggers for seamless efficiency.

Introducing workflows

What can I do with workflows?

Create workflows in minutes to save you hours!
Automate the sending of emails to notify your users when things change in your app (e.g. approvals, updates, status changes, new accounts etc.).

You can also trigger webhooks to integrate with third party services (although you might want to use our Zapier integration for this instead).

Or use our AI Actions to supercharge your app with smart summaries, ChatGPT prompts and more

When an Application record is updated
Send an email to the applicant
Trigger a webhook
An example workflow in Noloco showing Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Get sophisticated with conditional logic

Workflows can be triggered whenever any of your data records are created, updated or deleted. However, you can add conditional logic to make them much more sophisticated:

  • ‘Fields to watch’ → only run the workflow if a particular field is updated
  • ‘Only continue if’ → the record has a particular value for a field (e.g. the ‘Status’ column) or the record was updated by an internal user whose first name is Waldo

Get Personal

Add the personal touch with dynamic variables

Want to notify a user when their account has been approved? As well as setting up conditional logic to only send an email upon account approval, you can also personalize the email they receive with dynamic variables (e.g. pull in their first name, last name & favourite colour)

Sample of dynamic variables being used in Noloco to personalize workflows
When the approve button is clicked
Send an email to the user
Trigger a webhook

Just one click away

On-demand workflows

Enable your team or customers to trigger workflows in one-click. Simply add a button to a record page that triggers an on-demand workflow. For example, add a button that sends an email to users to remind them to complete registration.

Workflow Actions

Discover the actions you can use to automate your team, business or app

Send an email
Send a dynamic, automated email
Send a Push Notification
Programatically send a push notification from a workflow
For each item in a
Loop over a related field to run an action many times
Trigger a webhook
Trigger an action in Zapier, Make or any API with a Webhook
Only continue if
Define conditions for which the workflow should continue running
Create a Record
Create a new record in any collection
Update a Record
Update an existing record in any collection
Delete a Record
Delete an existing record from any of your app's collections
Ask ChatGPT
Ask your AI assistant to help you with any task, from generating a description, extracting highlights, or suggesting next steps
Summarize text
Summarize long blocks of text such as call notes into a more condensed, manageable summary
Extract Kewords
Extract the important keywords from a block of text so you can identify trends, or quickly find your records
Analyze Sentiment
Automatically detect when a customer is upset, or delighted, or when the email you wrote needs to be re-reviewed
Correct Grammar
Keep your team moving and let your AI assistant catch any typos or grammar mistakes you make before you publish
Finish text
Get advanced with the ability to provide any prompt to OpenAI and let your AI assistant finish the text
Add a comment to a record
Add a customized comment to any of your app's records.
Send a message to a Slack Channel
Keep your team in sync with status updates in Slack
Send a Slack message to a user
Notify individual team members about relevant updates or tasks in Slack
Generate a PDF with DocsAutomator
Automate the creation of professional documents and PDFs from your data using DocsAutomator and Noloco