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Build a no-code web app from your business data with Noloco

App BUilder

What makes the Noloco App Builder different?

With Noloco, you don’t have to start from scratch. We do all the heavy-lifting to put your basic app structure in place.

Once you connect your data source, we use AI to build the perfect collection views, record views and forms to add new records.

From there, it’s super easy to make tweaks to achieve the exact UI you’re looking for.

Create the perfect app for your team, customers or partners

Empower your customers to self-serve

Build a secure, fully-branded, personalized Client Portal that lets your customers self-serve and allows your team to efficiently manage client-data

Build a client portal

Streamline your business operations

Keep track of customers, users, or leads with a fully customizable Noloco back office app, that you and your team can build, and improve

Build a backoffice app

A flexible CRM for a modern team

Build a CRM that perfectly fits your workflows, centralizes your data, and enables seamless collaboration, and integrates with all of your data.

Build your own CRM

There's a template for that

Browse over 20+ professional templates for every different use-case, from real estate practice management to employee onboarding. Get started in minutes

Browse templates

Collection Display Options

Choose the layout that works best for your collections

Noloco supports all the following collection display options out of the box. You simply have to choose which one works best for your team's data.


Customize how you display your tables

Use our interactive demo below to learn how to customize how you display your data tables

Data Display

Control exactly what data gets displayed

You’re in the driver seat. Simply drag and drop fields to re-order how they appear on a page. And if you don’t want to show a certain field to your users, you can toggle it off in one click. Or add conditional rules for when a field should show on a record page depending on the values of other fields. That’s right - you can go as deep as the ocean.

Customize your record pages

Use our interactive demo below to learn how to customize your record views to better organize your data

Field Formatting

Format to your heart’s content

You have plenty of choice when it comes to how your data is displayed.

  • Enable in-line editing to reduce the number of clicks
  • Display text as links, buttons, images or even markdown
  • Control the colour of single-option fields

Your app will be fun, friendly & functional in no time!

Build advanced forms

Use our interactive demo below to learn how to customize your apps' forms and action buttons

Flexible Layouts

Start from scratch for additional flexibility

For most users, our default collection views work great - but some of our experts like the flexibility of starting from a blank canvas. The following components or building blocks are ready to go from a blank page:

  • Collections
  • Highlights
  • Quick links
  • Charts
  • Iframes
data sources

Create apps powered by your data

Instantly build internal tools from your data in Postgres, Airtable and Google Sheets. Use our Zapier and Make integrations to send data between Noloco and all your other software tools.

Have a data source you would be interested in connecting to your Noloco app?

Request a Data Source

Watch and learn

Trusted by businesses across the world

"Great UI, easy to use, the best support team"

Clean UI, great customisation, and the best support team I have ever experienced with any software. Feature rollouts sometime 4-5 times a week, even 2 times a day at some points. We needed an internal & client tool and evaluated other tools, we loved the flexibility and UI design of Noloco the best, which rollouts feature near-daily. Bright future for this team and product! 

Fergman Enterprises - Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Clayton G
VP of Operations
Real Estate

"Create amazing apps for your business"

Noloco is incredible, it has brought a touch of magic to our data in Google Sheet and Airtable - we've been able to create beautiful apps in minutes. This is true no code, it's easy to use and puts you in control of your data. The support is world-class and their roadmap is moving at pace.

FD works Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Jonathan G
MD and Founder of FD Works

"Best UI platform for Airtable"

What I like about Noloco is that it comes with a beautiful UI/UX by default, as well as third-party modules (Google Drive, Stripe, Quickbooks), Zapier connections, Google Sign-in, full-page iFrames, external APIs with OAuth 2.0 support, and finally the Key command (Cmd + E) 🐐

No-code experts - Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Connor G
CEO of No-Code Consulting
No-Code Expert

"Great product for digitilizing any business"

Noloco is simple to use, loaded with features, and the team has incredible velocity in pushing out new features and functionality. We are building an internal portal for real estate data and Noloco saved lots of money and engineering time. Perfect for internal data tools, whether prototyping or in production.

Fiera Real Estate - Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
David B
Associate Director at Fiera Real Estate
Real Estate

"Unique software that helped grow my business very fast"

I run a company that works with lead generation for our customers. I was seeking a service where I could build a portal and control the workflow. Our business has grown by over 500% thanks to services delivered by Noloco. New functions are constantly being developed and released, and the support is wonderful and usually responds within a few minutes.

PWA Airtable app builder - Noloco no code portal builder
Andreas S
Founder of PHX
Web Agency