Create custom charts and dashboards

Introducing Charts

What can I do with charts in Noloco?

Do you want to graphically represent your data? Noloco's charts feature allows you to visualise data from your collections. Create dashboard pages or add charts directly to your record pages.

Dashboard charts - Noloco no-code Airtable app builder


Choose from a wide range of charts

We support all the following chart display options. You simply have to choose which one works best for your data.

  • Bar chart
  • Area chart
  • Line chart
  • Funnel chart
  • Radar chart
  • Pie chart
Types of charts in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder


Create dashboards with multiple charts

You can add multiple charts to the same page to create a dashboard. Apply filters across all charts on the dashboard and allow your users to filter the data as well. Choose your chart widths to achieve the dashboard layout you want.

Noloco Charts Graphic

Data Display & Visibility

Choose what data gets displayed

Easily choose what data from your collection to show on the X and Y axis. You can also create visibility rules for what charts the user should be able to see.

data display and visibility of charts in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder

Configuration options

Configure your chart

Once you create your chart, customisation is easy and fun. Noloco simplifies the process and places the customisation options within easy reach.

  • Add multiple series to your chart
  • Group records by time period
  • Define chart & axis titles
configure chart options in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder