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Key features for accounting firms

Give your team the tools they need - create custom practice managemen tools, client portals, CRMs and other business tools that your team and clients will love

Give your team the tools they need

Secure portals, project management apps, custom CRMs, team intranets and much much more. Tailored to your business.

An App built with Noloco built from an Airtable Base

Connect to your data

Do more with your existing business data, whether it lives in spreadsheets or databases.  Connect to Airtable, SmartSuite, Google Sheets and other data sources in minutes

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Easily control your app with powerful permissions

Role based access
Manage access at a role level. Every type of user can have different permissions.

Row-level permissions
Use highly customizable rules & filters to restrict which records a given user can access.

Field-level control
Control which fields a role can read, update or create.

Learn more about permissions

The Noloco Permission Rule editor showing how it can secure your data

Accunting Firm

FD Works

FD Works, based in Bristol in the UK, offers accounting, and business advisory services and are Xero specialists. The company was established in 2012 with the aim of providing ambitious businesses with hands-on finance support and strategic advice.

By using Noloco, they removed all the complexity the team previously struggled with in Airtable and made it a lot easier to update information. By limiting who could see what, they were able to provide each team member with exactly the information they needed to make the best decisions every day.

Additionally, they were able to use Noloco’s workflows within these processes, which increased their productivity and helped them save time.

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