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Create internal tools on top of your Postgres data source in just a few clicks. Connect your Postgres database and enable your team to view and edit business data without writing any code.

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Our supported operations for Postgres

What you can build with Noloco

Connect Postgres to Noloco in minutes and build powerful...

partner apps

Customer portals

Securely share data with your customers in a white-labelled customer portal that puts your brand at centre stage.
partner apps

Partner apps

Define exactly what data your partners can access and personalise the experience with custom views.
internal tools

Internal tools

Define user roles for your team members to keep control over who has access to what data and views.

Data Display

Control exactly what data gets displayed

You’re in the driver seat. If you don’t want to show a certain field to your users, you can toggle it off in one click. Simply drag and drop fields to re-order how they appear on a page. Also you can add conditional rules for when a field should show on a record page depending on the values of other fields. That’s right - you can go as deep as the ocean.


Take it a step further with database permissions

At the database level, you can determine by user role whether users should be able to read, create or update records in each Postgres table. You can also choose whether each user group should have access to all records or only their own records. Finally, you can even control their access at field level as well. Perhaps there’s some internal-only fields that your team should never be able to edit.


Easy automations to save you hours

No need for manually sending emails or painstakingly updating your other software tools. 

With Workflows, you can automate the sending of emails whenever data is updated in your app. You can also trigger webhooks or use our Zapier integration to keep your other software tools in sync.

Learn more about Workflows.

When an Application record is updated
Send an email to the applicant
Trigger a webhook

Postgres is coming soon 👋

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