Use Custom Action Buttons to Streamline Your App

Utilize action buttons to streamline business workflows effortlessly
Enhance user experience with action buttons in co-code apps

Introducing action buttons

What are action buttons?

Action buttons can be configured with predefined actions to automatically perform specific tasks.  It enables you to take key actions quicker within your app.

Action buttons in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder


What types of actions are available?

We support all the following types of actions. You simply have to choose which one works best for your data.

  • Create a record
  • Update a record
  • Delete a record
  • Navigate to a URL or page
  • Run on-demand workflows
types of action buttons in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder

Take action everywhere

Where can action buttons be added?

The action buttons can be added to

  • Record pages
  • Collection pages
  • Related record collections on records pages
Action buttons in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder
Custom action buttons


Customise the colours, Set hidden values &  visibility rules

You can set hidden values so your users don't have to choose values for certain form fields. Help guide your users by setting different colours for your action buttons. Use visibility rules to determine which users should be able to see what buttons.

Easy as one-click

One-click action button

Instantly perform actions. Configure your buttons to run on a single click without showing the form pop-up modal or confirmation screen.

one click action button in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder


Trigger on-demand workflows

You can trigger workflows in one-click by creating an on-demand workflow that is triggered by an action button. Workflows can be used to send emails or trigger webhooks.

Trigger on-demand workflows in Noloco no-code Airtable app builder

work faster

Bulk actions

Apply actions to several records all at once! Soon you will be able to bulk update multiple records in a collection view simultaneously. Save even more time on repetitive tasks.