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Build a CRM that perfectly fits your workflows, centralizes your data, and enables seamless collaboration.

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Unlock the Power of No-Code for flexible CRM

Revolutionize the way your team makes decisions with a flexible CRM that fits your workflow. Build a custom CRM tailored to your team's unique workflows and processes, without knowing a single line of code.

Empower your team with user-friendly, efficient, and flexible solutions to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.

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Key Features for flexible CRMs

Noloco's comprehensive set of building blocks and features enable you to create the perfect CRM for your team. Choose from various layouts, connect your business data, and design your CRM with our easy-to-use point and click editor.

Get started with Examples Apps

Browse our template directory to discover how a businesses like yours can successfully build custom CRMs using Noloco. From project management tools to CRMs and inventory management systems, the possibilities are endless.

airtable builder - Noloco - No code app builder

Centralize Your Data

Bring all your data together in one place

With Noloco, you can connect and integrate data from multiple sources like Airtable, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Google Sheets.

By centralizing your data, you can streamline your sales and customer management processes and make informed decisions with ease.

Match Your Workflow

Tailor your CRM to match your specific needs

Noloco empowers you to build a CRM that aligns with your unique business processes.

Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to easily customize your app, design custom views, and create a CRM that adapts to your evolving requirements without writing a single line of code.

Automate Actions and Workflows

Save time and boost productivity with automated actions

Create custom actions that trigger workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and update fields in your CRM.

Noloco helps you streamline your operations and improve your team's efficiency, so you can focus on building relationships and closing deals.

With Workflows, you can automate actions whenever a customer or deal is updated in your app. You can also trigger webhooks or use our integration to keep your other software tools in sync.

When an Application record is updated
Send an email to the applicant
Trigger a webhook
Companies using NOLOco

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Learn how Presswork saves time and money with a Noloco CRM

Learn how our customer, Pressworks, have built several apps with Noloco including a custom sales CRM.

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Pressworks used Noloco to build a flexible CRM that allowed the team to manage projects more efficiently, with features like task assignments, time tracking. It also included financial reports for sales pipelines and project costs.

For example,theyI reduced the time to create a service expenditure report from over 3 hours to just 5 minutes

Their flexible CRM allows them to make data-driven decisions that are more intelligent for my business.

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airtable builder - Noloco - No code app builder
Video Tutorial

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In this video, we talk through how you can create a beautiful, fully functional back office app from your Airtable base in just a few minutes.