Product Updates

January 21, 2022

Choose fields to watch in workflows, protected Airtable bases, more action buttons & colour syncing for dropdowns!

Choose which fields to watch in a workflow

Big improvement to our workflows! If you only want an update workflow to run if certain fields are updated, you can now specify those fields in the ‘fields to watch’ section.
For example, perhaps you want to run a workflow only when you assign a ticket to someone or when the status field is updated. Now you have that level of control!

Support for password protected Airtable bases

Don’t want to create a public sharing link to your Airtable base? Prefer to restrict access with a password? We’ve now added support to integrate with password protected Airtable bases.

Action buttons in record Details & Title sections

You now have more control over where you add your action buttons on record pages - as opposed to being limited to adding them to the top. See our guide here for more info on how to use Action Buttons:

Sync your dropdown option colours from Airtable

All the colours of the rainbow…now in sync! We can now match the colour scheme you’ve set for your dropdown options with exactly what you have in Airtable. Soon, we’ll be allowing you to choose the colours for options in Noloco collections as well.

Other UX Improvements

  • We’ve added a keyboard shortcut (Cmd + E) to make it way easier to toggle edit mode on and off
  • We updated action buttons for users creating pages from scratch (using our ‘Blank’ pages) to the newer style
  • We put in place safety guards to prevent internal users from revoking their internal permissions
January 14, 2022

Google Sheets, field-level visibility conditions & improved action buttons

Google Sheets data source

Have data in Google Sheets that you want to bring into your Noloco app? You can now connect your Google Sheets by adding a new data source from the data tab in Noloco or by choosing Google Sheets during the project creation flow.

Create new records via action buttons

This is a massive improvement to our action buttons! You can now add an action button to create new records related to the record you’re on. For example, create a new associated supplier record from a software record page - or create a new buyer record directly from a property record page.

Field visibility conditions

Want to add conditional logic to your forms or record pages? Only show a form field if the user chooses a certain answer beforehand, or only show some fields on a record page if the value of another field has a particular status. Field level visibility conditions are our first step towards building complex forms and totally custom record displays.

See our support guide here for more info:

Full-width tables

Have loads of data to display? You can now choose our full-width table display option that expands over the entire width of the main app area. It comes with a fixed header row and fixed pagination - so you never lose where you are.

Other UX Improvements

You can now book in with your onboarding manager during your free trial

January 7, 2022

Automatic links & increased scope of workflow variables

Automatic Links

Relationships between your collections and records just got a whole lot more sophisticated! With automatic links, you can add a custom link to another collection or record from an existing record and then automatically sync that value with a lookup value. For those Excel nerds among us, it functions similarly to a vlookup function. 

For an example and more information on how to use automatic links in your collections, see our guide here:

Increased scope of workflow variables

Want to include detail about which user created or updated a record in your automated emails or webhooks? We’ve now increased the scope of workflow variables to enable you to include data about the ‘logged in user’ that triggered that workflow.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now update and delete user lists (where you maintain a list of users in an external data source like Airtable)
December 23, 2021

Export data from views, add attachments to workflows & show record counts in the sidebar

Export data from views

You can now allow your users to export data from views to a csv. Simply enable this feature in the ‘Buttons’ section of your view settings and your users will be able to export the view in its current state with all filters applied.

Workflows now support attachments!

Another highly requested feature from our community has been shipped! You can now attach any number of file fields to your email workflows. We’re now using this feature at Noloco to include CVs in the email notification when we receive a new job application.

Record counts in the sidebar

Want to quickly see how many records are in a particular view? You can now add record counts in the sidebar. This is particularly useful if you’ve got multiple filtered views. We’re using it ourselves in our application portal.

Action buttons in list headers

You can now add action buttons to your list headers. For now, you can link to a URL like a guide, another page, or an email or phone number.

Other UX Improvements

  • We now show how many days are remaining on your free trial in the sidebar of your app
  • Improved error page with our cool new Noloco robot
December 17, 2021

Open sign ups, one-click re-invites, hidden views & more

Open Sign Up

This was a highly requested feature! You can now turn on Open Sign Up if you want to let new users sign up to your app without needing an invite. This will create a ‘register’ page for your app. See our guide for more info.

Re-invite pending users in one click

I genuinely thought for a second that the Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa lyrics were “one click is all it takes” - and I was going to make a joke about it. But here we are…from the User table on the data tab, you can now re-invite all those users who are yet to activate their account with a single click. No more manually emailing dozens of users.

Users can filter by multiple values at the same time

Always nice to improve the user experience! Now you can allow users to select multiple values in filter fields. Simply turn on in the filter settings.

Allow views to be hidden from the sidebar

Navigation getting a bit cluttered? You can now choose to hide views from the sidebar. This can be useful if you don’t want certain related record collections to be visible. You can still see them when you turn on edit mode if you change your mind.

Other UX Improvements

  • We now support emojis in names of synced tables and fields
  • Tables on the data tab are now much easier to navigate with sticky columns and fixed height on the rows
December 9, 2021

Drag & Drop Kanban Boards

Drag and drop between columns on Kanban boards

This was a bit of a crowd-pleaser internally! We’ve improved our Kanban views so that you can now drag and drop between columns to update the status of a record.

When you choose the "Board" display option and group the records by a 'Single Option Select' field, or any single-relationship field (such as a user's company) then you can drag cards between the different columns and it will automatically update the record's field for you

Other UX Improvements

We've been making huge improvements to our Airtable syncing. Now most bases sync within a couple of seconds.

December 1, 2021

Custom action buttons and better file previews

Custom action buttons on record views

You can now add custom action buttons to your record pages. This is a great way to provide shortcuts to your users to allow them to easily edit certain information without having to sort through the entire page. You can use these actions to update the record in question and related records too. You can also add an action to delete the current record.

File preview modal

Now when your users click on a file record, a modal will appear where they can preview the file - for example, an image or a pdf. If there are numerous files attached to the record they can click through them like a gallery.

Update existing records in Noloco collections from csv import

Importing data into Noloco collections? Now you can update existing records within collections via csv import instead of creating new records for each row in your spreadsheet. All you have to do is add a column to your csv mapping to the record id in Noloco. No more duplicates!

Other UX Improvements

  • notification icon on the publish button to highlight when there are unpublished changes
November 26, 2021

Passwordless login, nested pages, custom visibility rules & Date range filters

Passwordless login

Don’t want your users to have to remember yet another password? We’ve now shipped magic links for a more seamless login experience. As long as the email address is associated with a user of your app, they’ll get an email and can follow the link to log in. Magic!

Nested pages

You can now add nested pages in your app’s sidebar. This is useful if you want to group filtered views together and keep your sidebar neat.

Custom visibility rules

As well as being able to restrict visibility by user roles, you can now also add custom visibility rules. For example, only want users belonging to a particular company to see a page? Now you can with custom visibility rules at both page level and for individual elements as well.

Date range filters

Now your app users can choose to only show data within their selected date range.

Other UX Improvements

  • Allow users to sort table views by any column (A-Z, Z-A, oldest to newest, etc.)
  • Ability to control element type of fields in tables (e.g. display a text field as a link and control the link text)

November 18, 2021

Zapier Integration & Single record view

Multiple data sources

You can now add multiple data sources from the data tab. Connect multiple Airtable bases within your one app or add Collections right within Noloco. We’ll be adding more data sources over the coming months as well.

Zapier integration - trigger when a collection item is updated

We’ve updated our Zapier integration so you can now trigger zaps when any of your collection items are updated as well as when records are created. This means you now have a choice If you want to trigger a zap when a record gets updated: you can now either use our new trigger directly in Zapier or continue triggering webhooks from your workflows in Noloco.

Single record view

Just want to show your user their profile or their record without having to click through a list view first? We’ve added the single record view to achieve exactly that. Use permissions or add custom filters to ensure that users only see the right record.

Other UX Improvements

  • Control the order of inline filter options, such as A -Z, Oldest to Newest and more
  • Filter your subscriptions by company in the Billing module

November 10, 2021

Airtable syncing

Airtable syncing

Thanks to all the hard work from the team and all our beta testers, our Airtable integration is now complete! Data updated from your Noloco app will be updated instantly in your Airtable base. Data updated directly in Airtable will be reflected in your Noloco app within 2 minutes (we’re striving for even lower times and will be testing this to see what we can promise here!).

We have also completed work to automatically pick up Airtable schema changes (e.g. if you add another field or table to your base).

Other UX Improvements

  • Newly created records now show up in lists without having to refresh
  • Ability to set default values for hidden fields when submitting forms
  • Default user roles applied automatically when adding a new user
  • Ability to apply multiple rules when filtering lists
  • Ability to hide ‘New’ record button beside lists
  • Ability to change text of ‘New’ record button
  • Wrap long urls displayed in UI of overflowing

November 3, 2021

Breadcrumbs & 'View as' any user

'View as' functionality

You can now turn on edit mode when viewing the app as another user and you can view the app as another user without having to be in edit mode (bet this didn’t confuse you at all…)


We've got breadcrumbs! All about that easy navigation - and damn those icons look sweet.

Other UX Improvements

  • Enable skipping of adding logos in onboarding flow
  • Prevent text from getting cut mid-word and separating onto next line
  • Added ‘back arrow’ to easily close configuration tab
  • Click away from configuration tab modals to close them

October 26, 2021

Enhanced permissions & New onboarding flow

New onboarding flow

When you go to create a new project in Noloco, we’ll first ask you to connect to your data source - so if you have a list of users and other tables in Airtable or a spreadsheet, you can connect that.

Enhanced permissions

We’re adding easier and tighter controls around permissions. Now you will be able to define at the level of individual fields which users have the ability to read, create and update records.

Other UX Improvements

  • Builder experience: We know our builder experience was a little bit complicated before. So we’re simplifying it - a lot. When it comes to showing data from collections in the UI (in tables, cards etc.) - you can now just toggle on and off what fields you want to show. Simples!