Product Updates

April 9, 2024

Highlight Coloring

Add an additional layer of intuitiveness and visual guidance to your apps, by changing the color of fields within highlight cards based on specific conditions.

What’s New

Highlight Coloring is designed to make your app visually appealing and more informative at a glance. By setting conditions that change the color of a card in a highlight component, you can visually guide your users through your app's content, making it easier for them to understand data statuses or priorities based on color cues.

How It Works

Highlight coloring can be applied to any Highlight component on a blank page or record page. For any field in your highlight component, conditions that trigger color changes in the field card. For instance, you might want the "Publish Date" card to turn green if the date is in the past, signaling that the content is already published.

Add as many color conditions as you need, and however many conditions per color to ensure you can highlight the information you need to with ease.

Other UX Improvements

April 8, 2024

Progressive Web Apps

The Noloco team are excited to introduce one of the most highly-anticipated updates to Noloco – the ability to turn your Noloco app into a Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

PWA functionality is now available across all Noloco plans, making it easier than ever to use and share your Noloco apps.

Understanding Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps blend the best of web and mobile app worlds, offering a high-quality, app-like experience directly from your web browser. They can be added to your device’s home screen directly from your Noloco app, providing instant access to your app with just a tap.

Features and Benefits

  • Instant PWA Functionality:
    Enabling PWA for your Noloco app is seamless. Just enabled it from the PWA settings in your app. Your app users can then install it directly from their browsers, when they open your app, making it accessible from their home screens.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility:
    Whether your users are on iOS, Android, Windows, or MacOS, they can now download and engage with your app as if it were a native application, ensuring a uniform experience across all devices.

  • Native Push Notifications:
    Keep your app users engaged with native push notifications. Whether it’s for comments, mentions, or any custom Noloco notifications, this feature ensures that your users stay informed and engaged with your app, wherever they are.

Available to Everyone

We believe in democratizing technology and powerful app building features, which is why this feature is available to all our customers, on any Noloco plan. Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up, your Noloco app can now enjoy the cutting-edge benefits of PWA technology.

Why This Matters

With PWAs, you’re not just offering an app; you’re providing a seamless, integrated experience that meets your users where they are. The ability to instantly download your app to a device, combined with the native push notifications, not only improves user engagement but also significantly boosts the overall user experience, particularly for users on iPads, or when using your Noloco app on the go.

We're excited to see your amazing mobile apps over the next few months. Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to improve Noloco.

Other UX Improvements

April 8, 2024


We have added Workspaces to your Noloco dashboard. To improve the way you manage, share, and collaborate on your Noloco apps, providing a more structured and flexible environment for teams of any size.

What Are Workspaces?

Workspaces in Noloco are designed to simplify how you share and manage access to your apps. A Workspace is a shared environment where teams can collaborate on various apps, ensuring that the right people have the right access at the right time. Whether you're working with a small team or managing multiple groups across your organization.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Renaming Your Workspace:
    Tailor your workspace to reflect your team or project's identity. Renaming a workspace allows you to customize it to fit the context of your work or the specific needs of your team, making it easier for members to recognize and engage with the workspace.
  • Inviting People to Your Workspace:
    Easily bring team members, stakeholders, or clients into your app workspace, facilitating better communication and teamwork.
  • Managing Your Workspace Plan:
    Whether your project's scope expands or contracts, you can adjust your workspace plan accordingly. Or manage multiple workspace plans.
  • Adding Multiple Workspaces:
    For those juggling multiple projects or collaborating with different teams or clients, the ability to add another workspace will be a game-changer. Now you can ensure that each project has its dedicated space, with tailored access and collaboration settings.

With the introduction of Workspaces, we've also updated the Noloco dashboard to make it more intuitive and efficient. When you log into your Noloco account, your dashboard will show you:

  • Apps you've created
  • Apps belonging to a workspace you're a member of
  • Apps you've been invited to as a builder

This streamlined view ensures that you have quick access to all of the apps most relevant to you, reducing clutter and focusing on what matters most.

Other UX Improvements

April 4, 2024

Live-Sync for Airtable

We have rolled out a major update that’s going to make your Airtable data sync with Noloco in real time. Say hello to live-sync, our new system for keeping everything up-to-date, instantly, always.

What’s new

With Live-sync, the moment you make a change in Airtable – whether it’s updating a record, adding a new one, or deleting – it’s immediately reflected in Noloco. This means no more waiting around for the sync to catch up. Your data is where it needs to be, the second you need it there.

Before Live-sync, updates from Airtable took anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes to show up in Noloco, depending on your plan. This was fine for some customers, but we knew we could do better, as many of you depend on consistent data across both Noloco and Airtable. 

Now, with live-sync, your data doesn’t just sync faster, but instantly.

Why are we excited about this? 

Live-sync streamlines your workflow like never before. Live sync isn’t just about speed; it’s about making your data management seamless, efficient, and as real-time as it gets.Now, collaboration across your team is seamless, whether they're working in an Airtable base or a Noloco app. Immediate access to the latest data equips you to act swiftly and maintain a competitive edge, whether you're overseeing sales, keeping tabs on inventory, or keeping customers up to date.Live Airtable sync is available to all Noloco users and is included on all plans. To take advantage of real-time sync functionality, you might need to upgrade your Airtable connection from your app, if that’s the case you will see a popup in your app. If you have used your app in the last few months, you have probably already done this.

Other UX Improvements

February 29, 2024

Generate PDFs with DocsAutomator and Noloco

Generate Documents in Seconds

We’ve added a very powerful new workflow action to Noloco, a direct integration with DocsAutomator. DocsAutomator lets you turn your Noloco data Into PDF — using Google Docs.

This new workflow action lets you effortlessly generate documents using Google Docs templates, leveraging data from Noloco Tables, Airtable, SmartSuite, Postgres, or any other data source supported by Noloco.


Straightforward Setup

  1. In your workflow, add the ‘Generate a document with DocsAutomator’ action.
  2. Enter your DocsAutomator API Key.
  3. Select the DocsAutomator automation you wish to use.
  4. Define the values for your placeholders, combining dynamic and static values as needed.
  5. Decide on the next steps: save the new document to your records, save the file URL, or attach it to an email.


Let’s take a look at some of the best features of this new integrations:

  • On-demand or automated document generation based on record updates or creation.
  • Customizable file names.
  • A flexible mix of dynamic and static values for document placeholders.
  • Support for prefilled line items, such as invoice details.

DocsAutomator and Noloco in action

  • Automatically generate and email contracts when a new customer contract record is created.
  • Create invoices, including detailed line items, when a new payment is due.
  • Generate shipping labels, or delivery instructions for field workers that need to access information on the go

This new integration is ready to use in Noloco today, get started by adding it to one of your workflows, and let us know what you think.

Other UX Improvements

February 28, 2024

New Top-Nav Navigation Options

We've introduced a new feature in our Build Mode: the choice between top navigation and side navigation for your app.

Since the inception of Noloco's app builder, we've offered a customizable side-nav, which has served our users well. However, we understand the importance of flexibility around design preferences and app structures. With the new top-nav option, you can now select the navigation style that best fits your app's design and requirements.

Key Highlights:

Tailor your app's look and feel to match your brand or design vision more closely. Whether you prefer the classic side-nav or the sleek top-nav, you have the power to choose.


The new top nav is perfect for apps with a fewer number of pages, offering a cleaner and more straightforward navigation experience that can make your app feel more intuitive and accessible.

How to Make the Switch:

To change your app's navigation style to a top-nav, simply go to your Settings, open the Navigation settings, and select "Top." It's that easy to refresh your app's navigation and give it a modern twist.

Notice Component: App Alerts and Messages

Introducing the latest addition to our app development toolkit: the 'Notice' component, now available on Record Pages and Blank pages.

Why Use the Notice Component?

The Notice component stands out for its ability to highlight critical information, alerts, or instructions on your app's pages. With the flexibility to choose from four distinct variants, you can align the notice's appearance with the message's intent and your app's theme.

Variants for Every Need: Choose a variant that fits your message:

  • Primary: Matches your app theme for general notices.
  • Secondary: A neutral option for less simple messages or callouts.
  • Success: Green, ideal for positive updates or completion messages.
  • Warning: Orange, perfect for cautionary advice.
  • Danger: Red, for urgent alerts.

Take full control over your Notice’s content, and customize the title, subtitle, and icon to match the message you want to convey.

Actionable Notices:

Enhance your notices with custom action buttons, turning alerts into interactive prompts for your users.

The Notice component in action

  • Project Management:
    Alert users to overdue projects with a warning notice and a button to contact the client directly.

  • Process Updates:
    Inform users they've completed all necessary steps on a page with a success notice, indicating no further action is required.

  • Application Status:
    Use a primary or secondary notice to communicate that an application is being processed, adding clarity to the procedure.

Add external links

Now you can add external links to your app's sidebar

  1. Personalise your external links using dynamic user variables
  2. Choose from URL, Page (somewhere else in the app), Email, or Telephone type links
  3. Need to add a quick link to your sales number → choose a telephone link
  4. Need to add a quick email link to the user's account manager → choose an email link
  5. Configure who sees what links with visibility rules

Address Autocomplete

Super-charge your address fields with Google Maps Suggestions. With suggestions from Google Maps, you can speed up form filling, reduce errors, and improve data accuracy by suggesting addresses as you type.

Setup Guide:

Open form field settings and change the "Display as" option to "Google Maps Autocomplete." Just make sure you have setup your Google Maps API key

Examples of Use:

Customer Onboarding Forms: 

Quickly capture accurate address information as new customers sign up.

Delivery Apps: 

Ensure precise delivery locations by allowing drivers and customers to use autocomplete for addresses.

Other UX Improvements

February 27, 2024

Data Table 2.0

Today, we're excited to share a major enhancement to the Noloco platform: the comprehensive redesign of our Data Tables.

What are Data Tables?

In the Data tab, Data Tables allow you to view, manage, and manipulate your app data in a spreadsheet-like table. This powerful feature is essential for organizing, viewing, and editing data directly within your web apps, providing a foundation for efficient data management.

What's New?

Performance Boost

Our redesigned Data Tables are built for speed, effortlessly handling thousands of rows and hundreds of columns. The days of slow, clunky data tables are behind us.

As simple as a spreadsheet:

We've reimagined our data tables to provide the familiarity and ease of a spreadsheet, including intuitive interactions such as clicking to edit a field or dragging to duplicate values.

Create and Update with ease

Our new design simplifies data editing, allowing you to quickly edit, duplicate, and manage data with simple clicks and drags. It's all about making your workflow more efficient.

Native Copy and Paste: 

Our improved copy and paste functionality enhances your productivity, enabling seamless data transfers between spreadsheets or the input of multiple values at once, just as you would expect.

Integrations, simplified

With these exciting updates, you can now enjoy a spreadsheet-like UI for not only Noloco tables but also your external data sources. This means you can effortlessly update your MySQL, Postgres or Airtable data directly within Noloco, streamlining your workflow and ensuring a unified experience across all your data management tasks.

Other UX Improvements

February 26, 2024

Build Mode 2.0

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our most significant update to the Noloco App Builder since its inception in July 2022. After two years of continuous innovation and adding incredible features, we've redesigned our build-mode from the ground up. This update is not just a facelift; it's a complete restructuring designed to accommodate the wealth of new features we've introduced, ensuring they're easily accessible and intuitively organized.

What’s New?

Dedicated Pages Editor:

We've separated the Pages editor from the Navigation Bar to streamline your design process. This dedicated space allows for more focused page creation and management, making it simpler to bring your app’s structure to life.

Revamped Customization Panel: 

Say goodbye to the right-side customization clutter. Our new Customization Panel is now relocated, offering a cleaner, more organized workspace for your app design tasks

Tabbed Panel System: 

Each panel now features up to four tabs, designed to enhance your setup and customization workflow:

  • General: The starting point where you define the setup for your pages or components.
  • Options: Dive deeper into the configuration of your pages or components for more detailed customization.
  • Fields: A specific focus on which fields are displayed on your tables, forms, or components, ensuring the right information is presented where it's needed.
  • Visibility: A dedicated tab for adjusting the visibility of your pages, components, or action buttons, giving you control over what's seen and by whom.

Beta-Tested and Community-Approved

We understand that change can take some getting used to. That's why we've spent time beta-testing these updates with a select group from our incredible community. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, assuring us that these changes not only make sense but significantly improve the user experience.

Designed with You in Mind

For newcomers to Noloco, this update makes features more discoverable and understandable. With guides and help text consistently placed, every element of our app builder is now logically arranged, ensuring you spend less time searching and more time creating.

We believe these updates will make a significant difference in how you interact with Noloco, enhancing both efficiency and enjoyment. As always, we're here to support your journey and can't wait to see the amazing apps you'll create with these new tools at your disposal.

Other UX Improvements

February 14, 2024

Add Custom Icons to Tabs and Filter Fields (coming soon)

You can now add custom icons to tabs and filter fields, making it even easier for users to identify tabs and understand filter functionalities at a glance.

Tabs with Icons:

Elevate your app’s design by adding intuitive icons to your tabs. For example, use a shopping cart icon for a ‘Products’ tab or a gear icon for ‘Settings’, helping users to navigate your app more efficiently.

Filter Fields with Icons:

Clarify the purpose of filter fields by including relevant icons. A magnifying glass icon can denote a search filter, while a calendar icon might indicate a date range filter, instantly communicating the filter’s function to users.

Summarize Duration Columns

We’ve added a great feature to our column Summaries: the ability to summarize Duration columns to quickly tally the total time spent on projects, tasks and more.

Effortless Tracking:

Instantly see the cumulative time spent across all projects, making it easier to manage time and resources.

Grouped Insights:

Summarize time spent by collaborators, or by any other dimension to identify workload distribution and productivity.

Copy to Clipboard Action

The new Copy to Clipboard action allows your app users to easily copy dynamic text to their clipboard with a single click on an action button 1.

Seamless Copying: Automatically copy information like IDs, email addresses, or any dynamic text effortlessly.

Improved Efficiency: Streamline tasks and reduce manual copying for a better user experience and cut down on errors.

Help text for Details and Highlights

You now add help text alongside the label for fields on details and highlights components, letting you provide more context and guidance directly within your app’s interface.

Add Rich Help Text: Beyond simple labels, you can now add descriptive help text to each field, offering users guidance or additional information as needed.

Markdown Support: Leverage markdown in your help text to include formatted instructions, links, or emphasis, making your app more intuitive and informative.

Other UX Improvements

There’s a host of other updates that we need to mention too

  • We added support for changing the color of Single option and Multiple option fields synced from Xano
  • You can now switch off either the “Unlink” button or the “Add related record” button when “edit related records” is enabled on a filtered collection component
  • Workflows can now watch formula fields
  • Formulas can be used in rollup fields

January 25, 2024

Help Text on Option Fields

Add clarity and context to your Noloco forms. You can now add help text for individual options in single select and multiple select fields!

What's New?

Contextual Help Text: Now, you can add descriptive help text to each option within your single select and multiple select fields. This means you can provide extra details or explanations right where they're needed.

Dynamic & Rich Formatting: Just like other help text fields in Noloco, these new fields support dynamic values and markdown formatting. This allows for a more flexible and interactive user experience.

Why It Matters

Enhanced Understanding: Provide users with immediate explanations for each option, ensuring they make informed choices.

Better Data Quality: Clearer instructions leads to more accurate and relevant data.

Customizable Experience: Leverage dynamic values and markdown to create a tailored and interactive interface.

Adding help text is simple. Just go to your field settings in any form, select a single or multiple select field, and start adding your help text to each option using the cog icon. 

Image Component

A highly anticipated feature that's now part of Noloco's toolkit – the Image Component for record pages and blank pages!

What's New?

You can now add any image to your record pages and blank pages with ease. This new component allows you to incorporate visuals directly from a field or upload an image manually.

Let's say you're managing a real estate app. With the Image Component, you can now add a main photo for a given property directly to each listing. This makes your app more visually engaging and provides a better understanding of each property at a glance.

Layout Options for Attachment Fields

We're thrilled to introduce some fantastic enhancements to how attachment fields are displayed in your Noloco apps.

What's New?

  1. Uniform Look: The default attachment fields now have a more uniform and sleek appearance.
  2. Easy Access: Download attachments right from their thumbnails – something you’ve all been waiting for! Plus, in edit mode, delete attachments directly from the thumbnail itself.
  3. Layout Options: Customize your attachment field display with these fresh layout choices

    Thumbnail: Shows a handy thumbnail view of the attachment.

    : Displays just the file name, for a minimalistic look.

    : Your images are shown in their natural proportions, without a border

    Circle Image
    : Presents your images in a stylish, avatar-like circle
  1. Size Options: Tailor the size of your previews according to your needs. Choose from small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes, ensuring your attachments are displayed perfectly in your app.

Other UX Improvements

December 21, 2023

Enhanced Grouping in Calendar, Timeline, and Gantt Views

You are no longer limited to grouping event views such as calendars, timelines and Gantts by single-option fields. We've broadened the horizon to include text, dates, numbers, and even linked fields!

What's New?

  • More Grouping Options: Group your events by various field types, including text, dates, numbers, and linked records.
  • Dynamic Colors: Visualize your events more vividly by color-coding based on linked records. Imagine seeing shifts colored by employee name or department!

Why This Matters?

It's not just about seeing a schedule; it's about understanding it at a glance. For instance, managers can now instantly recognize the distribution of shifts across departments or employees, leading to more informed decision-making and planning.

How to Use It?

  • Open your Calendar, Timeline, or Gantt view.
  • Select the 'Group By' option in the Display options
  • Choose from the expanded list of fields to group your events.

More Powerful Rollups

We've got some fantastic news to share – Rollups just got a major makeover! 🌟 Now, not only can you aggregate your data effortlessly, but we've added some game-changing features to supercharge your app-building experience.

Rollup Filter Fields: 🕵️‍♂️ Customize your app views by leveraging Rollups to interactively filter data. It's like having a magic wand for organizing information – wave it, and watch your data fall into perfect order!

Field-Level Permission Rules: 🔐 Take control of who sees what with field-level permission rules now supporting Rollup fields. Security meets simplicity!

Watch Rollups In Workflow Triggers: 🔄 Subscribe to the magic! Now, when your Rollup values change, workflows can be triggered automatically. It's like having a personal assistant for your data updates – no more manual interventions required.

We're thrilled about these enhancements, and we know you will be too! 🎉 Dive into the updated Rollup fields and let the data magic begin!

Other UX Improvements

Filtered Exports

When you filter your data, either in your app, or in the Data Tab, the export button now exports only those filtered records, instead of exporting the full table.

This should let you run granular exports, on only the data you need, with ease.  

Small Improvements

With the leadup to the holidays, the Noloco team took the opportunity to focus on small, but important improvements. Here are the highlights:

  • Big improvements on app loading time
  • Configure SmartSuite date fields to be date or date-time fields
  • More field options when creating a table from a CSV
  • Ensure app creators don't accidentally remove their admin roles
  • Default values on Rich Text editor form fields
  • Better suggestions from our AI App Making Assistant
  • Consistent Theme preview when changing your theme
  • Display formatted values like currencies, percentages all throughout your app and workflows
  • Automatically detect the country code in a phone number input
  • Correctly handle empty Airtable rich-text fields
  • Better handling of invitation sending when your app isn't live
November 27, 2023

Tooltips for Action Buttons

Our latest addition to Noloco allows you to add helpful tooltips to action buttons! This addition is all about enhancing user experience and clarity.

What's new? Action button tooltips provide helpful text when users hover over an action button, explaining its function before they click it. This preemptive guidance boosts usability and user confidence.

But there's more – these tooltips aren't just plain text. You can leverage markdown to include links, emphasized text, or other formatted elements, making your tooltips not only informative but also engaging.

Implement tooltips in your Noloco app today and make your interface even more intuitive and user-friendly!

Customizable On Form Save Action

Great news for Noloco Business plan users! Our latest feature enhances your control over app navigation. Now, after creating a new record in the new record form, you can customize the next page that is displayed.

This gives you the flexibility to direct users to different pages post-save, like navigating back to the list of records or to the record page of a related record. You can tailor the navigation using static and dynamic fields from the newly created record, ensuring a smooth and logical flow within your app.

This update empowers you with complete control over the app's navigation, ensuring a more coherent and user-friendly experience. 

Get started by enabling the On-Save action today in the New Record Form today

File fields on Record Images

Enhance Your Noloco App with the ability to choose a File Field for Record and Title Images!

Building on our previous update that introduced personalized record images, we're now offering even more flexibility and customization. Our latest feature allows you to use any file field when setting up record images or title images in your Noloco app.

What does this mean for you? If you're using Airtable attachment fields to store images like profile pictures or logos, you can now directly select these images as record or title images in your app. This seamless integration enhances the visual appeal and personalization of your app, making it more engaging and relevant to your users.

To get started, simply choose a file field from your table in the build mode

Other UX Improvements

  • Trigger a workflow when a user is deactivated or reactivated
  • Multiple line support in default values and hidden values of multiple line & rich-text fields
  • Support for MariaDB and other SQL-based databases
  • Customize the Row Link for linked fields across your whole app
  • Improved field formatting in emails, workflows and notifications
November 2, 2023

Chart Color Customization

We've been listening to your feedback, and we're excited to unveil an enhancement in the way you visualize your data within Noloco.

What’s new?

Previously, our chart colors were tied to the app's theme, and while this provided consistency, it sometimes didn’t deliver on clarity or aesthetic appeal. So, we went back to the drawing board and came out with something more flexible and visually engaging.

Dive into the New Features:

  • Choose Your Hue: With 12 different color schemas now at your disposal, you have more control over how your charts resonate with your audience.

  • Accessibility First: We're proud to highlight our palette tailored specifically for the visually impaired, reinforcing our dedication to inclusivity.

Getting Started:

It's simple! Head over to the chart settings in your app, pick your preferred color schema, and witness your charts come alive in a whole new light.

Record Comments Improvements

Recognizing the pivotal role that comments and notes play in collaboration and data management, we’ve made sure this update brings you greater flexibility and control.

Admin Control: To maintain clarity and accuracy, admins now have the ability to delete any comment or note. This ensures that inadvertent or outdated comments don't cloud the conversation.

Versatility in Comment Display: Extend your commenting capability. Add a comment component not just in the usual comment sidebar, but also to any record page or blank page, optimizing the way you interact with records.

Using Record comments, your teams can continue to collaborate seamlessly, and these updates are designed to make that process even smoother

Other UX Improvements

October 31, 2023

Create Noloco Tables From CSV Files

Starting today, you can now create Noloco tables directly from CSV files. With just a few clicks, you can turn your data into a structured, usable table within your app. Our AI will even spin up whatever view we think would be most appropriate for it to get you started!

How It Works:

1️⃣ Drag & Drop: Just drag and drop your CSV file into the new import modal.

2️⃣ Automatic Schema Creation: We do the heavy lifting by automatically generating a schema for your table, including field names and types.

3️⃣ Customize with Ease: Tweak the schema as needed – change field types, or exclude columns you don’t need.

4️⃣ Table Ready: We set up your table and import your data, we’ll even use our AI to magically set up a view for it. No more data entry nightmares.

Simply select 'Import file' from the new source menu in your app or from the data source page in the app creation flow to get started.

Custom Icons for Action Buttons

Icons are a universal language, and they can play a significant role in making your apps more intuitive and visually appealing. With that, we are excited to announce that you can now set custom icons on your action buttons in Noloco. No more need to copy and paste emojis and deal with inconsistent button appearances across various platforms. This change will bring greater consistency and flexibility to your apps!

Other UX Improvements

October 5, 2023

Tabs on Blank Pages!

We're excited to unveil a feature many of you have been eagerly waiting for: Tabs on Blank Pages.

Gone are the days when tabs were restricted only to Record Pages. Now, you can seamlessly integrate tabs into your Blank Pages, creating a more organized and streamlined app experience. This new feature not only adds to the aesthetics but also boosts the functionality of your app, allowing you to neatly categorize the different sections on your pages.

And that's not all! Just like our record page tabs, these new additions come with dynamic visibility rules. Customize your tabs' visibility based on user properties, data conditions, or any criteria you deem fit, ensuring a tailored experience for every user.

Personalized Record Images

Our latest feature will allow you to add more visual style to your Noloco app! Now, you can integrate profile-picture-like images on both record pages and title components on blank pages, providing a more personalized and aesthetically pleasing look to your app.

Feature Highlights:

Dynamic or Static Images: You can now incorporate dynamic images or upload any file of your choice, giving you the flexibility to display the most suitable visuals for your pages.

Enhanced Personalization:
Whether it’s a profile picture or a company logo, the addition of these images will help in creating a more personalized and intimate user experience.

Increased Clarity & Context:

Providing visual cues like profile pictures or logos can offer more context and clarity, aiding in quicker information processing and improved user comprehension.

To get started, turn on build mode and open the header settings of you record page, or click on any of your title components on a blank page.

Structured Field Types

Say goodbye to splitting out your contacts’ names into multiple fields or writing out addresses in one line and hello to more structured data with our all-new field types! Let's dive right in:

1️⃣ Address Field:

🏠 Why it's Awesome: Go beyond basic text inputs for addresses. Capture complete and structured location data effortlessly.

Example Use Case: Imagine building a real estate app. Instead of typing out addresses as plain text, you can now input addresses as structured data. Users can search, filter, and map properties with ease.

2️⃣ Coordinates Field:

🌐 Why it's Awesome: Precision matters! Store latitude and longitude coordinates accurately for mapping and geolocation.

Example Use Case: Creating a delivery tracking app? With coordinates, you can precisely track and display the route of a delivery in real-time.

3️⃣ Date Range Field:

📅 Why it's Awesome: No more struggling with multiple date fields. Manage start and end dates seamlessly.

Example Use Case: For project management tools, scheduling events, or booking systems, the date range field streamlines the process. Easily set up events with precise time frames.

4️⃣ Full Name Field:

👤 Why it's Awesome: Say hello to organized contact data. Store first names and last names separately.

Example Use Case: In CRM systems, marketing automation, or any app where you handle customer data, this field ensures you can personalize messages effectively.

5️⃣ Phone Number Field:

📞 Why it's Awesome: Simplify communication by storing phone numbers in a standardized format.

Example Use Case: Building a recruitment app? With phone number fields, you can validate, format, and easily initiate calls or texts from within your application.

With Noloco's new structured fields, you're not just dealing with primitive types anymore. You're elevating your app's functionality, enhancing user experiences, and reducing data-entry errors.

Other UX Improvements

September 7, 2023

Internal Notes: Streamline Team Collaboration Inside Noloco

Ever wanted to share thoughts with your team without external eyes seeing? We've got you covered.

We’re thrilled to introduce Internal Notes in Noloco's record comments. These notes remain exclusively visible to those with the 'Team Member' role attribute, ensuring private team collaboration remains just that - private.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Foster open team communication without external visibility.
  • Collaborate effectively right within record comments.
  • Avoid cluttering conversations with external users.

Whether strategizing on a project or discussing sensitive information, keep it internal and seamless with our new Internal Notes feature!

Copy Values with Ease

Say goodbye to tedious text selection and streamline your workflow! We're excited to introduce a Quick Copy-Paste feature in Noloco.

By enabling this option in your field settings, you'll spot a handy copy icon whenever you hover over a field. A single click, and the value is instantly copied to your clipboard, ready to be pasted wherever needed.

  • Efficiently grab any value with a simple click.
  • Avoid manual text selection errors.
  • Tailor your experience by activating it for specific fields via settings.

Speed up your tasks and enjoy a more fluid experience with our latest addition. Try it out and let copying become a breeze!

Other UX Improvements

August 23, 2023

New Field Formats: Precision Meets Display

We're excited to unveil enhanced formatting options for our text, number, and duration fields, making your data both clear and accurate.

Text Fields: Beyond Plain Text!

  • Email Addresses: Ensure inputs fit standard email structures, eliminating typos.
  • IP Addresses: Validate correct IP address formats for error-free data.
  • URLs: Input correct and clickable web addresses.

Flexible Number Fields:

Add prefixes or suffixes. Display values like “USD$1200” or “120 km” for clarity.

Time Fields:

Limit your duration fields to a 24-hour format for when you only need to keep track of the time.

Input client emails without errors, track website URLs, and showcase budgets prefixed with '$'. Or, as a logistics firm, log routes in kilometres and schedule exact delivery times in your local setting.

Stay in the Loop: Comment Subscriptions in Noloco

We’ve just made following your desired Noloco records simpler! No need to comment or get a mention to keep tabs on record discussions anymore.

Simply click the bell icon on any record, and you'll be instantly notified of new comments. Perfect for when you want to stay informed without directly engaging.

Imagine you're a project manager awaiting feedback on a new campaign. Subscribe to the campaign's record, and get instant notifications on team input, without making a preliminary comment.

Stay connected and informed with our new comment subscription feature!

Other UX Improvements

August 3, 2023

Connect Slack and Send Messages from Workflows

Direct communication with your team just got easier and faster. You can now dispatch Slack messages directly to a user or channel from within your workflows. This bridges the gap between data management and team communication. For instance, get instant alerts about changes in customer status or task updates sent directly to your Slack!

Add Record Comments from Your Workflows

Communication is key in any successful business operation. With this new feature, you can automate the addition of record comments within your workflows. Imagine a project management scenario where each task update is followed by an automatic comment on the record detailing the changes made.

Add Actions Between Your Existing Workflow Actions:

No more starting from scratch when you need to modify your workflows. You can now insert actions between existing workflow actions, making it simpler than ever to fine-tune your workflows. If you have a complex task sequence that needs a little tweak midway, just add the action where it's needed. Flexibility and adaptability at its finest!

Other UX Improvements

July 20, 2023

AI-Powered Workflows

We're beyond excited to announce a new integration at Noloco that is set to transform the way you interact with your workflows!

We have now integrated with OpenAI, which means you can bring the power of artificial intelligence to your workflows. This groundbreaking feature allows you to take advantage of a suite of OpenAI actions, right within your workflows.

Whether it's asking your AI assistant for help in generating a description or next steps, summarizing long text, correcting grammar, extracting keywords, analyzing sentiment, or finishing text - you now have the power of AI at your fingertips.

This integration means your workflows just got smarter and your productivity is set to skyrocket. What's more, the seamless integration ensures you can get started with just a few clicks. So, why wait?

Supercharge your app today with AI-Powered Workflows and unlock a new level of efficiency and innovation for your business.

Watch the demo

Other UX Improvements

July 13, 2023

Workflow-Powered Notifications

We’ve added a brand new action to our automated workflows: the ability to send custom notifications to your app users.

Triggered by a record's creation, update, or deletion, or by on-demand workflow actions, these tailored alerts keep your users informed and engaged in real-time.

With a simple set-up, you can add the new 'Send Push Notification' action to a new or existing workflow. Simply, specify the notification recipients, title, icon, and the call-to-action URL for each notification and start sending your users notifications.

Benefits of Workflow Powered Notifications

  • Real-time Updates:
    These custom notifications ensure all your users receive relevant updates instantly, fostering better communication and collaboration within your team.
  • Brand Alignment:
    The ability to customize your notification icon, title, subtext, and call-to-action URL allows you to maintain brand consistency throughout your app.

User Engagement:By directing users back into your app with every notification, you're actively enhancing user engagement and experience.

Deactivate user accounts

When users leave your organisation you might want to remove their access to your app without losing their comments or information about their user record. This is now possible through the user table where individual users can be safely deactivated. This will prevent them from logging in but their data will be preserved as you no longer need to delete their account.

Reactivate a user: if a user rejoins your organisation simply reactivate their existing account and let them carry on wherever they left off.

Other UX Improvements

  • Test your workflows from the workflow builder (in beta)
  • Add new pages directly from the sidebar, between other pages
  • Customize the text on the login page (Business plan only)
  • Schedule a sync of one table at a time

June 28, 2023

Real-time In-app Notifications

With our new In-app Notifications feature, you and your team can stay up-to-date with your tasks and projects in real-time. Here's what you need to know:

Real-time Alerts:
Get alerted instantly when notifiable events occur in your app. You'll no longer need to constantly check different sections of the app for updates. The notifications will bring the updates directly to you!

Notification Tray:
The new Notification Tray, located conveniently in the sidebar, will be your go-to place to view all your notifications. Whether you've read them already or yet to do so, you'll have an organized log of all the updates.

Stay in the Conversation:
For now, notifications will alert you whenever you're mentioned in a comment or if someone replies to a comment thread you're part of. This ensures that you're always part of the conversation that matters to you.

Monitor your workflows with workflow run history

Workflow Run History lets you track the frequency, duration, and outcome of your workflows. This feature gives you unparalleled visibility into how your workflows are performing, empowering you to optimize your processes with hard data.

Run Frequency: See how many times a given workflow has run per day. This can help you understand the load on your workflows and identify potential bottlenecks.

Run Times: Know exactly when each workflow run took place, down to the second. This is invaluable for debugging and refining your workflow schedules.

Failures & Reasons: See which runs failed and why, enabling you to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster than ever.

The more insight you have into your workflows, the better you can optimize them. With Workflow Run History, you can detect and resolve issues faster, ensure your workflows are running as expected, and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Other UX Improvements

The Noloco team has been hard at work on the smaller details over the past few weeks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Format your date fields as relative date times, eg. ‘three days ago’
  • See more information on the last sync time for a given collection
  • Easily reconnect your Airtable account
  • Add a description to permission rules to add more context
  • Disable breadcrumbs on Record Views, Form Views, Collection Views
  • Better understand your app usage with an in-app summary
  • Rename any Noloco Collection
  • We now verify your custom domains before activating them

May 3, 2023

Import data from any REST API into your Noloco app

We're really excited to share that you can import data into your Noloco app from even more sources!

You can connect to any REST API to import data as collections in your app. Just tell us the base URL of the API along with any headers we need to set on requests and then configure and test each endpoint you want us to import data from 🚀

Collections created from API endpoints are read-only - our first-class integrations are still the go-to for interacting with external data sources.

For more information and set-up instructions, see our guide here.

We are initially launching this as an opt-in beta - for access please let us know via live chat or Slack that you are interested and we'll be in touch.

Bulk edit records

We're excited to announce our latest feature: the ability to bulk edit records. We understand how tedious and time-consuming it can be to update multiple records individually, so we've made it easier for you to edit all selected records at once. :zap:

How it works:

  • Enable bulk actions in your app settings
  • Check the records that you'd like to edit
  • Edit any field inline, and you'll be prompted with the option to update all selected records

This new feature not only saves you valuable time but can streamline your workflows and enhances your team’s overall productivity.

Quick Search

Introducing our new Command-Palette Search Bar!  ⚡

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Command-Palette Style Search Bar, designed to make navigating through your app even faster and more convenient.

With the new search bar, users can quickly find and access any page within their app by simply clicking the search box or using the Cmd+K (Mac) or Ctrl+K (Windows) keyboard shortcut. Type in the name of the page you're looking for, and the search results will instantly appear, allowing you to jump directly to the desired page with ease.

To enable the Command-Palette Style Search Bar in your app, simply go to your app's navigation settings (it's new ✨) and turn on the feature. Once enabled, the search bar will be accessible to all users within your app.

We've big plans for this Command-Palette, allowing you to do even more with your app, even faster ⚡⚡

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now add up to 3 levels of grouping on the Rows and Split-view layouts
April 24, 2023

Bulk Actions: Streamline Your Workflows and Save Time

We’re thrilled to announce a powerful new feature that will help you work more efficiently than ever before: Bulk Action Buttons. With this update, you can now select multiple records and run workflows, update fields, or delete records in bulk.

How Bulk Action Buttons work:

  1. Go to the “Record actions” settings in your app’s collection settings.
  2. Enable the new “Bulk actions” toggle.
  3. Select the records you want to perform an action on.
  4. Choose the action button you’d like to apply to the selected records.

It’s that simple! Now you can run multiple workflows, update fields, or delete records with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Bulk Action Buttons:

  • Save time: No need to perform repetitive actions on individual records anymore.
  • Improve efficiency: Streamline your workflows by processing multiple records at once.
  • Enhance flexibility: Apply the same action to multiple records in a single operation, making it easier to manage your data.

Other UX Improvements

  • Bulk actions are here!
April 6, 2023

Introducing Gantt Charts for Enhanced Project Visualisation

We’re excited to announce the addition of Gantt charts to Noloco! Following the introduction of our timeline feature, Gantt charts provide yet another powerful way to visualize and manage your projects.

Creating a Gantt chart with Noloco is simple and straightforward:

  • Navigate to display options and choose “Gantt Chart.”
  • Configure the display settings, including event start and end dates, dependencies, and any additional fields you’d like to display.

That’s it! You’ll now have a fully functional Gantt chart that can be easily shared and updated by your team.

Revamped Mobile Experience

We're excited to announce a series of improvements to Noloco's mobile experience. Our team has been hard at work refining the platform's usability and design to ensure a seamless experience across devices. Here's a quick overview of what's new in our first batch of usability improvements:

Improved Spacing for Enhanced Visibility

We've optimized the spacing on mobile devices to maximize the amount of visible content. This improvement ensures you can access and interact with your data more efficiently, even on smaller screens.

Filter Sidebar for Quick Access

To declutter the interface and provide quick access to filters, we've introduced a filter sidebar. You can now tap the filter button to open the sidebar, making it easier to locate and apply filters without obstructing the main content.

Action Buttons in a Dropdown Menu

To further streamline the mobile experience, we've moved action buttons to a dropdown menu. This change prevents the interface from feeling cluttered and allows you to focus on the essential data while still having access to key actions.

You can see the big difference in the before and after below.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now disable icons on your sidebar navigation
  • We improved the performance and loading of records in split-view and rows layouts
  • You can now set the title display field for Calendar & Timeline events in context under Display options
  • You can now use your ‘Primary’ theme colour for your action buttons
  • You can now manage your user lists and builders from the new user tab
March 23, 2023

Flexible Section Widths: Optimize Your Record & Blank Page Layouts

We're thrilled to announce our latest feature: Flexible Layouts for Record and Blank Pages! This update gives you the power to further customize your section widths, enabling you to create more efficient, visually appealing and flexible layouts.

Why Flexible Section Widths?

We understand that every user has unique layout preferences and requirements. By offering flexible section widths, we're providing you with the ability to optimize your page designs according to your specific needs, while keeping those pages smart and responsive. This new feature makes it easier to organize your data, present information more effectively, and improve the overall user experience.

How Does It Work?

Customizing section widths is a breeze with our intuitive interface. Here's how to get started:

- Navigate to your Record or Blank Page.

- Click on the section you want to resize.

- Choose your desired width from the options available: 25%, 50%, or 75%.

That's it! Your sections will now appear side-by-side according to the selected widths.

Real-World Applications

Flexible Section Widths can significantly enhance the user experience across various use cases. For example, HR or Recruiting teams can create side-by-side sections for employee profiles, displaying personal information alongside performance metrics. Project managers can optimize their project pages by placing task lists next to relevant resources or updates.

Multi-level Grouping for Tables: Organize Your Data Like Never Before

We're excited to announce the launch of a powerful new feature: Multi-level Grouping for Tables! This update allows you to group your table data by up to three fields or values, providing you with even more control and flexibility in organizing and analyzing your data.

Why Multi-level Grouping?

Our users have shared their needs for more advanced organization capabilities within tables, and we've been listening. With this update, you can now create sub-groups within your existing groups to better manage complex datasets and derive more insights from your internal tools.

How Does It Work?

It's simple! To group your table by multiple fields or values, just follow these steps:

- Click the "Display" button in your table settings.

- Select your first field or value to group by (e.g., Status).

- Click "Add a subgroup" to add up to two more fields or values (e.g., Assignee and Priority).

That's it! Your table will now display groups and sub-groups based on your selected criteria.

Real-World Applications

Multi-level Grouping can be a game-changer in various use cases. For instance, project managers can now view tasks grouped by status, then assignee, and priority, allowing them to quickly identify bottlenecks and high-priority tasks. Customer support teams can group tickets by status, agent, and priority, making it easier to manage and assign workloads effectively.

Give It a Try and as always, we love to hear your feedback

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now add a divider between sections on record pages
  • New templates created with Noloco Collections as well as Airtable
  • You can now add fields within Noloco to external data source collections (like Airtable, Google Sheets & Postgres)
  • We improved the performance and loading of records in large tables with lots of records
  • We improved the “Build button” experience that makes it easier for builders to modify the current page and add new pages to their app
  • You can now re-order sections on record pages from the sidebar through drag and drop
  • We’ve improved our charts to use different colours and make legends more visible
March 13, 2023

Timeline views

We’re excited to introduce the Timeline display option for your collection views! This is a flexible way for teams to visualise tasks, projects, events or deadlines over time. 

Our timeline view allows for easy grouping by single-option fields as well as drag and drop functionality to update deadlines. We hope this helps with all your project management use cases!

App Version History

Have you ever wanted to roll back changes you just made to your app? Or to show your users an older version of your app? Well now you can, with app Version History.

Business and Enterprise customers can access version history from the “Publish” menu. You can read more about the feature in our new guide.

New chart types: Gauge & Statistic

When adding a chart you can now use the Gauge type or the Statistic type.

  • Gauge: this shows a progress-bar like gauge where you can clearly present the progress towards a maximum value
  • Statistic: this shows a big number, for summarising your charts (e.g. the average revenue per transaction).

Both of these chart types are now available for use with all your other charts.

Progress bars & rings

Now, you can convert any number field to display as a progress bar or ring. Simply edit the number field and choose progress bar or ring from the ‘Display as’ dropdown menu. Once you set a maximum value for the field, you’ll then be able to see progress towards that goal. And you can choose whether or not to show the number value as well.

Other UX Improvements

  • Google Sheets users can now select their primary field in collections from the data tab
  • Builders will now see a count in the sidebar beside filter fields and action buttons to show how many are enabled
February 20, 2023

Create, Update & Delete Workflows

Your Noloco workflows have just become a whole lot more powerful!

Have you ever needed to update another record when one record is created? Or maybe you've wanted to have a workflow that creates a new record for the user who runs it?

With our new Workflow actions, you can now perform the following actions:

  • Create a new Record
  • Update an existing record
  • Delete a record

You can read all about workflows and these new actions in our guides.

Add visibility rules to the “new record” button on collection views

The "new record" button can now be conditionally shown on both your collection views and beside collections on record pages.

Configure the button visibility however suits your use case:

  • Collection views can have custom rules set based on the logged in user
  • Collection sections in record pages can have them set based on both the user and the record page values

Filter field tooltips

Some filter fields on collections are self-explanatory, but some are not. Help your users understand filter fields!

You can now add markdown-enabled help text to filter fields to be displayed in a tooltip. Your users will never be confused about a filter again.

Other UX Improvements

  • Cloned charts now display correct data fields in builder sidebar
  • We now prevent builders from receiving non-admin roles via a user list sync
February 14, 2023

Create collections from SQL queries

We've just launched a feature in beta to let you create collections from SQL queries for any PostgreSQL or MySQL database you have already connected to Noloco.

This enables you to create custom collections using SQL that can pull in data from multiple different tables in your database. We were super excited to use this internally at Noloco! To get started, you’ll see an option to ‘Add a query’ at the bottom of your PostgreSQL or MySQL collections on the data tab.

Simplified user management with the new Users table

You might have noticed a brand new addition to the Noloco admin bar in your app! We just shipped the User table which allows you to much more easily manage your app users and take actions like: updating a user’s role, adding new users, sending an invitation reminder etc. 

This is the one-stop shop to manage all of your app users and roles.

Set conditions on your User List to determine which users get imported

When setting up a user list you can now choose which records get imported as users based on them matching certain conditions.

This means that going forwards you can dynamically filter out users from being pulled into Noloco however works for you, with full support for AND / OR branching to build rules as complex as necessary.

Other UX Improvements

  • Improved naming validation warnings when creating new fields in Noloco
February 1, 2023

Action button notifications

You can now trigger a notification when an action button is run successfully. Available notifications include success, info and warning notifications, or you can skip the text and use confetti 🎉

These can be used on both modal and one-click action buttons on record pages, collection views and blank pages.

Dark mode

Enable dark mode for your app users! Admins can make the dark mode toggle available to users from the “theme and design” section of project settings. Once dark mode is enabled for a project, users can toggle between light and dark modes at the click of a button.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now use the ‘Empty’ value to clear the value of a field in forms or action buttons
January 23, 2023

Airtable OAuth

As some of you may be aware Airtable is improving how third-party services like Noloco integrate with it by adding support for OAuth.

Although no immediate action is required for existing customers with connected Airtable bases, eventually all our customers will need to move over to using the OAuth authentication to continue syncing their Airtable bases. We have published a guide here on how to connect your Airtable account and authorise access to specific bases.

We’re excited that Airtable has made these changes as it improves the user experience for our customers and also improves security around your data.

Other UX Improvements

  • We no longer show the former default Noloco Collection for ‘Company’ records when you create a new app - just the default ‘User’ collection
  • We now handle negative values on duration fields
January 10, 2023

Customise all field formats on external data sources

We've added full support for customising the field formats in your external data sources. For example, you can now change number fields in Google Sheets, Postgres and MySQL to ratings, currencies, percentages or choose to display them unformatted. As before, we will continue to automatically sync Airtable formatting but you can still opt in to unformatted numbers. These options and more can be found in the field settings of any field on the Data tab.

Contextual warnings about data access in preview mode

We know how confusing it can be to remember which users have permissions to see which fields. When editing, we now highlight which fields the user you're currently viewing as doesn't have permission to read, update or create (depending on the context).

For example:

  • Using a hidden value in a form that the user can't see? It' will now show up as red instead of green 🔴
  • Using a dynamic value in a filter that a user can't access, it will also show up in red, or show an error on the filter input ❗
  • Using a value in a collection, form, or import? We'll highlight the fields the current user can't access so you don't have to guess ⚠️

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now choose which particular form you want to use when enabling users to create new records in-line
December 20, 2022

MySQL beta is here

Some exciting news! We've launched our MySQL data source in beta and we're looking to onboard our first customers to test it out and give feedback.

As with all our other data sources, our integration already supports both read and write operations - it's not just read-only. The team have also put together a useful support guide on connecting your MySQL database.

You will now see MySQL as an available data source option when you go to add a new data source from your app or when creating a new app.

Introducing Rating fields

You can now set up any integer number field to be a rating field and choose from 1-10 stars. This means it will show up as a star rating field within your collections, record views and even within your filter fields as well.

For those using Airtable: your rating fields will already have been synced and updated. For those on the Free plan, you might want to trigger a manual sync.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now sort the order of groups when grouping records as shown in this video
  • Improved user experience when validation rules not met
  • Improved typing experience on filter fields where
December 8, 2022

Advanced permission rules based on field values 🔒

Up until now, you’ve only been able to set record-level permissions based on relationship fields. In other words, you could control which records a user could access as long as the user record had a direct relationship with the relevant collection of records (e.g. a list of properties linked to the user).

Now, you can build rules based on record field values as well! Plus, you can now write complex rules with and/or branching to set multiple conditions to control record access.

As an example, you can now build an applicant tracking system where a user can only access applicant records where their manager is the hiring manager and if the application is still in progress based on a single option status field.

Set validation rules based on contents of text fields ✅

You can now set validation rules for text fields based on the contents of the text itself, extending the previous set of validation rules which were based around text length, format and regex matching.

Dynamic rules based on the logged in user and the rest of the form values are fully supported.

Other UX Improvements

  • Canvas now shows newly cloned pages after cloning instead of the parent
  • Improved filtering for builders searching for particular collections in workflows
November 15, 2022

Enable rich text editing on any multi-line text field

This one got used right away at Noloco HQ! You can now change the input field of any of your multi-line text fields into a rich text editor.

Simply change the ‘Display field as’ setting to ‘Rich text editor’ and the standard text area will be replaced by a dynamic rich text editor that supports bold italic, links, inline code, number and bullet lists and code blocks. The field outputs standard markdown as well.

Rich text editing can be turned on across forms, details blocks on record pages, action buttons and inline editable collection fields.

Conditional visibility of collection filters

You can now apply conditions to your filters so that you can hide the filters for some users, or for some records (when on a record view). For example, your teammates might only be able to see records in one category, but admins can see all categories. Add a filter that's only visible to admins.

Drag and drop across all collection views

You can now enable your app users to drag-and-drop records between groups on all the following collection views: rows, columns, cards and tables!

Once you have chosen a field to group by, simply toggle on ‘Enable drag and drop’ to enable your teammates to seamlessly update what group a record belongs to.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now configure related record form fields to only allow 'New' records to be added
October 25, 2022

Drag & drop to re-order sections

It’s now much easier to re-arrange sections on your record pages with our new drag and drop functionality. Just go into edit mode, select a section and drag it with the grip icon on the top-left.

Better still, we’ve added multiple keyboard shortcuts that you can use to move, clone and delete sections while in the editor mode:

  1. CMD/CTRL + Shift + Arrow Up => Move section up
  2. CMD/CTRL + Shift + Arrow Down => Move section down
  3. CMD/CTRL + D => Clone a section
  4. CMD/CTRL + Backspace => Delete a section

Undo & Re-do for app builders

We all make mistakes! Make a change you weren't happy with? Or delete something you want to recover?

Simply click the back-arrow next to the edit button or the CMD/CTRL + Z shortcut to undo your change.

Have regrets about undoing your mistake? Redo it with the forward-arrow or with the CMD/CTRL + Shift + Z shortcut.

Configure visibility rules for edit buttons

You can now configure visibility rules for edit buttons on record pages. We've heard of some great user stories for this feature, such as making a record uneditable when a single option field reaches a certain state.

Other UX Improvements

  • Your app users can now click on your app logo to be brought back to the home page
October 18, 2022

SAML / Single sign-on (SSO)

Some exciting news for enterprise use-cases, app security and user management. Noloco can now integrate with your single sign on (SSO) service as a SAML 2.0 service provider. This means that you can lock your internal apps down and manage users completely through an external identity provider. For more information, check out our guide here.

Conditional field visibility on collection views

Now you can add conditional visibility to collection view fields, just like you could on record pages. Just head to collection view editor, edit any field, and enable the ‘Only show when conditions are met’ option.

Default filter values

It is now possible to pre-filter a view by setting a default filter value! You can find this feature under “Filter Fields” in the view editor sidebar. For each filter field, you now have the option to set a default value in that field’s options.

Set form field default values based off other fields

Another highly anticipated forms improvement! Until now you haven't been able to base form field default values off other values in the form - but now you can. For example, the ‘Price now’ field could default to the previously entered ‘Start Price’. This makes it even easier to fill out forms, pre-fill values and work faster with your Noloco app.

New record section: File Galleries

We have added a new record section, the File Gallery! With file galleries, you can add a file preview to the record page for any file field on a record. If your file field contains multiple files, users can click through a gallery view of file previews.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now bulk import records into related record collections via csv upload and new records will automatically be linked
  • Any link starting with “/” will be treated as an internal URL and the user will be navigated in-app without the page reloading
  • We’ve added a ‘quick start’ guide to help new users make the most of their Noloco app - you might see a nice progress circle in your admin navbar
  • You are now able to clone permission rules with a single click
October 14, 2022

SMTP - whitelabel automated emails

For anyone looking to send Noloco's automated emails from their own email address for a fully branded experience, we’ve now added the ability to configure SMTP settings for your app 🎉

What does this mean? Noloco's automated emails (magic links, invitations, workflow emails) are currently sent from However if you setup SMTP for your app, you can now send those emails through any SMTP provider (Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Mailgun etc) and choose the email address you want.

This gives you more control over email delivery and your app's branding!

This new feature is now available in your app's emails settings page for anyone on a Scale or Enterprise plan.

Replace your Airtable base when cloning

A highly anticipated improvement to app cloning! When cloning apps built on top of your Airtable base, you can now choose whether your cloned app should be connected to the original Airtable base or a duplicate base.

This will make life a lot easier for our Airtable users who wish to retain all of the great front-end app configuration they have built on Noloco for an identical clone of their Airtable data.

Other UX Improvements

  • Enable/disable drag and drop on Kanban
  • Customise the Edit and Done button text
  • If you use a URL that starts with "/" in any link or "navigate to" editor, that link will now directly navigate in Noloco without reloading the page
September 27, 2022

Lots of small improvements

We've been paying attention to the smaller details of Noloco for the past week or more and we've shipped lots of small improvements that will improve your app, and how you build it!

  • You can now easily copy public form urls with one click
  • The builder sidebar now always relates to the current page shown in the app
  • You can now hover over long field names in the builder sidebar to see the entire name
  • Link menu items that bring the user to a page within the app no longer show external link icons
  • Improved alignment on record page elements
  • File fields no longer give builders the option to enable ‘creating new records’
  • Additional spacing added in comments where two users are mentioned side by side
  • Improved calendar pop-up display on mobile
  • You no longer need a value for title in Titles elements if you just want to use subtitle instead
  • We now support markdown headings / titles (##) on Details blocks subtitles

Other UX Improvements

September 15, 2022

Noloco Templates

The beady-eyed amongst you might have already noticed our new Templates Directory! Now, when you go to create a new app from your Noloco dashboard, you’ll be given a choice between starting from scratch and choosing your own data source or you can get started with one of our free templates.

And remember, you have unlimited test apps on all Noloco plans - so feel free to play around! Our first few templates are all built on top of Airtable bases but we'll soon be adding Noloco Collections versions as well.

If you have any other ideas for templates that you think would be useful, please do shout!

Other UX Improvements

September 12, 2022

Clone your app

Looking to build another Noloco app without re-implementing everything?

We now support cloning projects! Select clone on your project in the dashboard, enter a new app name & you're good to go.

When you clone an app it will clone all of your collections, your app's theme, your app's configuration, views, workflows, permissions and everything else to give you an exact copy of your app.

Other UX Improvements

September 8, 2022

Public Forms

Have you ever wanted to collect data from your users without the hassle of accounts and logging in?

With Public Forms, you can send your users a link to a publicly available web form. When a user completes this form, a record is added to the form’s collection. Post a link on your website, embed the form with an iframe, or send the link directly to your users! Public Forms meet your users where they are, no login required. Just click on the Public Forms button in the edit bar for new record creation to get started.You can learn more about Public Forms from our Product Guide

Other UX Improvements

September 7, 2022

Control which form users are brought to when adding a new record 🆕

Do you have different forms for different use-cases? Well now things should be a lot easier!

From today, you can control which form the "New" button brings you to on any collection view or collection section. That means you no longer have to maintain two distinct forms or jump through hoops to organise your views.

Make form fields conditionally required 🚩

You can now set fields in forms as being required conditionally on some rules being met rather than being always required or always optional.

Your conditional rules can be based on information about the logged in user or about the other values in the form (e.g. a status or text value).

Validation rules based on other form values ➕➖

Another really useful addition to our forms! You can now add validation rules based on other form values. 

For example, if you have both start and end date fields and you need to verify the end date is before the start, you can now add a validation rule to your end field to enforce exactly that!

Resize collection sidebar in split view layouts ⬅️➡️

You can now resize the collection sidebar to give more focus to either the collection or record view.

All you have to do is change the sidebar width in the collection view display options.

Other UX Improvements

  • We added a ‘Heading 4’ text display option
  • We improved password validation error messages
  • You can now use anchor links in action buttons & regular links
  • We now supports all regular "display as" options in Highlights blocks
August 23, 2022

Control width of individual sections ⚡️

To give you more control over layouts, you can now control the width of each section individually. 

Choose from Default , Large or Full width sections. This means you can give your stages elements more room to breathe, or show a full-width video or make your iframe embeds wider. 

Simply change the section width in the section toolbar.

Brand new Support Settings page 📣

We know quite a lot of you prefer to get support through Slack instead of through the in-app chat. So now you can go to the brand new Support Settings page to hide the chat widget in your app. From there you'll also find links to the slack community and our guides.

Nested in-line fields🔍

Display fields of direct-linked fields inline without using lookups 

Ever needed to show one of the sub-fields of your related/linked fields in a collection? From now you can choose them directly from your Noloco collection configuration, and use configure them like a native field 

Other UX Improvements

  • Display the count of multi-related fields
  • Range filters for number field filters

August 16, 2022

New validation rules for your form fields ✅

In addition to your existing validation rules you can also check that any text field:

  • Is a valid email address 📧
  • Is a valid URL 🔗
  • Matches any pattern by specifying Regex /Regular Expression 🪄

The last rule is particularly powerful if you need to validate things like phone numbers, VAT numbers, postcodes or anything else.

More powerful record collection sections ⚡️

Previously, you could only create totally new records from related record collections. Now, you can now directly add/remove existing records to relationships from related record views on the record page 📑

By default this behaviour is off - to enable it, toggle on the option from the buttons part of the related record collection editor ✍️

Update to our file field options 📂

If your files don't need the ability to be previewed in a modal, like a profile picture, or company logo, you can now choose to display them as plain elements, which remove the modal preview from the thumbnails. 

Group your calender events 📆

Just like Maps you can now group your calendar events by a Single Option field and we will use the option colour for the event 🌈 

Just set the Group by option in your collection view's display options.

Updates to our Change User dialogue

Now when you open the popover you can immediately start typing into the search box 🔍

If that wasn't enough, you can also Favorite ⭐️ as many users as you want that will be pinned to the top of the list 📍

This should make it much easier to switch between the several test users to evaluate your app 🧪

Other UX Improvements

  • Optionally hide icons in Quick links
  • Add clearer comment time to record comments
  • Extend the number of years in the date-picker input

August 9, 2022

New display options for text fields ↔️

If you want to bring more attention to certain fields, you can now display them as headings, with the choice of h1, h2 or h3 styles. 

These can be used in both collections and details sections, giving you more control over your app.

Grouping map pins 🗺📍

You can now group your map pins by any single option field, and we will use the option colour for the pin. Just set the Group by option in your collection view's display options.

Update to our file field options 📂

If your files don't need the ability to be previewed in a modal, like a profile picture, or company logo, you can now choose to display them as plain elements, which remove the modal preview from the thumbnails. 

Backlinks now work with tabs 🔗

Our backlinks do exactly what they say on the tin, bring you back to where you came from! All backlinks now bring you to the exact tab you were on before navigating to a related record/view/form.

Disable user edits on the Record Stages Element 📴

Perfect for when you only want to use stages as a visual indicator and want to prevent accidental clicks. If you toggle this on, when users click on the stages element nothing will happen. 

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now filter the values you can choose for your linked filter fields
  • You can now use record properties in dynamic iframe URLs
  • Validation rules on date fields work as expected
  • You can now use relative dates like 'today' as default values in forms
  • Use any protocol like slack:// when linking out from Noloco
  • Your app's tab title is now updated to show more context as you move through the app

August 2, 2022

Introducing a new action type - iframes 🗂

With the click of any action button, you now have the ability to display an Iframe!

To use this feature, edit your action button and choose Show an Iframe from the What should happen? (dropdown) 

This can be combined with any of the existing action types that we support!

Update to Folders and Pages 📁

Have you ever wanted to organise your pages into folders? 

Well now you can! You can now,

  • Set the parent of a page to a folder. Just like you can with views 🎉
  • Create a new page inside a folder directly from a folder's flyout menu 💪

Add descriptions to workflows 🔤

Having a hard time remembering the functions of all your workflows? 🤔

You can now add descriptions to workflows - just click onto the description placeholder on your workflow editor and type away

  • Your description will be saved onto the workflow when you click outside of the text box or press Enter. 💾
  • Shift + Enter will let you write out multi-line descriptions 📖

Our recent case study 😍

“Noloco is like using a blank whiteboard for whatever purpose you choose.” 

- Andreas Sarker Founder of PHX

We’ve just published our next case study with Phoenix Co. Check out to see how Phoneix Co builds efficiency, generates more leads and wins more business with Noloco ✅

Other UX Improvements

  • Add visibility settings to your sidebar dividers
  • Set the field width on fields in split view
  • Use the search bar in a record view section
  • Column headers are now sticky on kanban boards
  • User's added to user lists now get added to the Noloco User collection faster
July 22, 2022

Introducing Map display option 🗺

We've got an amazing new collection display option for anyone on the Team plan or above. 

Choose the new Map display option, pick your latitude and longitude fields, and your collection will magically be shown on a map!

Some of its amazing features: 

  • Browse the records in a list on the left
  • Highlight the pin on the map when you hover over a card
  • Automatically adjust the map's position to be centred around all of the records on that page
  • The map's pins automatically match your theme

You can use the map as the main collection view, as a section on a record page, or as a section on our new blank page experience.

Presenting sidebar divider ➗

Rather small yet beautiful feature. Now, you can add horizontal dividers to your sidebar. 

Draggable dividers could be added by simply entering edit mode and clicking Add in the popup's lower right corner.

Introducing markdown text 🪄

Now you can add a simple text section powered by markdown to either your Record View or the Blank page!

Other UX Improvements

  • Better backlinks from nested views or blank pages
  • Add a new view to a folder directly from the folder
  • Filter workflows by collection to help you organise your workflows

July 15, 2022

Set custom colours for your app's theme 🌈

As always, you may choose one of our existing themes. But from now on, you can also set unique custom colours that match with your brand. Then we'll create a theme for you that you can tweak as much as you want!

Head over to your app's Theme & Design settings to get started with custom themes 🌈

Check out the Support guide for more info!

Set your charts to use your option colours 📊

If your chart's x-axis is a single option field, you can use the colours you've defined for your options (in Airtable for example)

Currently it's supported in Bar charts, Pie Charts and Funnel charts

Choose which tables to sync from external data sources ☑️

You can now choose which tables to import from the sources when you connect a new data source.

There are two main benefits to this: 

  1. Disabling unwanted tables here can speed up the sync ⏱
  2. You don't have to go through each table one by one after connecting to eliminate those you don't want in your app 📑

Other UX Improvements

  • We no longer allow for clicking on empty related record links
  • We now show an empty state for empty folders instead of redirecting users elsewhere

July 8, 2022

Introducing the new blank page editor

The new blank page editor gives you the ability to add multiple different collections to one page to create a dashboard-like experience. With this feature, Noloco's editing experience is now uniform and consistent throughout, and you have full access to the functionality of the sections you're used to.

Specify row link from collection records

We've added a Row link section to your collections 

Now you can specify what happens when you click on a record in the collection 

  • By Default each collection links to the default record view for that collection type 
  • Choose None to disable the link altogether. This is really useful if you just want to present the data, particularly on record views 
  • Choose any other candidate record view for that collection to override the default selection, giving you even more granular control over where the user goes

Filter your data on the data tab

Now, you can create advanced filters exactly like in your applications and share those URLs with your colleagues instead of just navigating between pages of your data in the data table.

Set conditional visibility using logged in user information

Now, you can control the conditional visibility of fields on forms and other sections using information about the currently logged-in user. This is useful if only users with particular user roles should be able to see certain information.

Add a search box to any view collection

Now you can add a search box to any view collection that will search across any of your text/number fields that you have set up on the view. You can turn this on in the ‘Filters fields’ section of any view.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now specify IP addresses for whitelisting when connecting your Postgres database
  • We improved the experience of updating data from the data tab in Noloco

July 1, 2022

Hide options from the stages section & form field

You can now hide, and conditionally hide, specific options from the stages section or single/multi option form fields 

  • When you're setting up your Stages section, simply toggle which options you want to show, or use conditional visibility rules based on other record values

Hide options from the stages section & form field

When you add any single or multi option field to a form, you can specify which options should appear in that field. You can also set up conditions for when the value should be shown.

More powerful collection filters

You can now add an “Or” filter group with multiple branches which makes it significantly easier to refine the data shown to your users

This is supported on both: 

  • Record collection view filter 
  • Form field options filters 

Our PostgreSQL Beta is now live

If you use Postgres and would like early access, let us know 🚀 

Our integration already supports both read and write operations so you can update your Postgres data directly from your Noloco app.

Other UX Improvements

  • We now show a confirmation pop-up modal when users try to delete action buttons

June 24, 2022

Built in record Comments 💬

Our built-in record comments allow you, your users and your teammates to add comments to any record in the Noloco app regardless of data source.

Comments support @-mentions, file attachments, and text formatting.

When a new comment is added, mentioned users, or anyone else who has commented on the record will get notified via email ✉️ and linked directly to the comments

Read more about how this works in our Record comment guide

Add column summaries to any table layout

You can now add column summaries to any table layout to calculate the sum, minimum, maximum, average or count in any (numerical) column ✨

You're probably wondering: "Didn't they already ship this?" Well until now, you could only add summaries to tables when you were grouping, and it would only show a summary of the group.

Now this shows a summary of the whole table, whether you're grouping or not.

Our first case study

We’ve just posted our first case study from Fergmar Enterprises who are one of the largest Real Estate firms in South Texas covering a broad range of activities including investment, development, and leasing.

Their primary use case for Noloco is to manage payment approvals for many contractors hired across their portfolios

Check out the case study to learn how Fergmar Enterprises stood to benefit from Noloco by completely transforming its payment approval process ✅

Other UX Improvements

  • The messaging module is now disabled for external users who haven't been assigned to a company
  • We added support for "mailto" navigate actions in action buttons

June 17, 2022

Add Quick Links to any Record View

Just like Quick Links on the Blank Page, now you can also add Quick Links to any Record View! Just go into Edit Mode and select Quick Links. You can add, edit, reorder, remove, and even set visibility rules for each and every link.

Create records by allowing deeper nested creation

No more hopping between multiple forms, remembering & manually selecting the correct related records. Just hit new as many times as you need. 

Now you can customize the widths of the fields in any Highlights section

Just like the widths of the fields in the Details section, now you can also configure the widths of your fields in any Highlights section. You can choose between Default (25%), 33%, 50%, 66%, 75% or Full.

Other UX Improvements

  • We now support 'does not contain' logic in text filters
  • Collection lists now refresh automatically to reflect changes to the data since
  • June 10, 2022

    Documint Integration

    We know that many of our users want to create pdfs from their data in Airtable. Now, with our integration with Documint, you can trigger the creation of pdfs right from your Noloco app. Check out their useful support guide to see how easy it is to set up.

    Go deeper with permission filters

    Permissions are now even more powerful! You can now go as deep as three related fields from the record when setting permission filters. When you're working with user lists and other complex relationships, this makes permissions a lot easier. For example, only displaying user interactions with properties that they have visited👇

    Apply field validation rules when updating records

    Now you can add field validation to each field, just like in forms and action buttons. Need to mark a field as required, or maybe it should always have more than 5 characters? Now you can enforce those constraints in the details view too!

    Set visibility rules for link action buttons

    You can now add custom visibility rules based on the currently logged-in users for link action buttons on collections. The UI for modifying collection link action buttons has also been updated.

    Update your Airtable connection details

    You can now update the name, API Key, Sharing Link, and/or Password for your current Airtable connection. Just head to Data & APIs to update the source details.

    Other UX Improvements

    • You can now export-related record collections. Enable the export option from the element configuration and you are good to go.
    • Control width of individual fields in Highlights block
    • User role now kept in sync with external data source via User List functionality
    • Ability to open onboarding task links in the same tab instead of always opening in a new tab
    June 3, 2022

    One-click action buttons

    Previously, action buttons in Noloco would always open a modal (or confirmation box) before performing any activities, but now you may set them up to run on a single click.

    A new ‘navigate to’ option in the action button

    When compared to the collection link buttons, this action button provides more flexibility. It can open pages within your Noloco project or dynamic links based on record values. These can also be configured to open links in either a new tab or the same tab.

    Now we allow specifying the default value for your form fields

    With our latest update, we hope you can say goodbye to filling the same values over & over on your forms. We now allow specifying the default value for your form fields. This is supported for all field types except file uploads. Hopefully, this will make filling them out quicker & easier.

    Open new records

    Finally, we now let you configure whether to open new records created by action buttons. Previously we always opened these but now you can disable this if you choose to. 

    Add external links

    Now you can add external links to your app's sidebar

    1. Personalise your external links using dynamic user variables
    2. Choose from URL, Page (somewhere else in the app), Email, or Telephone type links
    3. Need to add a quick link to your sales number → choose a telephone link
    4. Need to add a quick email link to the user's account manager → choose an email link
    5. Configure who sees what links with visibility rules

    Other UX Improvements

    • Now you can add visibility rules to the first tab on a record page (if you have more than one tab). 
    • We just upgraded our "Sign in with Google" feature to the most recent version, which now includes a personalised button.
    May 26, 2022

    Get organised with Sidebar Folders

    If you like to keep your sidebar organised, then you’ll love this latest feature! You can now add a folder to the sidebar navigation and put as many pages as you like within that folder. And of course all the good stuff like visibility rules, reordering and custom URL path names will work on your folders and the pages within them.

    Freeze the first column in your tables

    Another highly requested feature shipped! It’s always nice to know exactly what record you’re looking at when you’re scrolling across a table. Now you can easily choose to freeze the first column when scrolling.

    Details blocks: more field width configuration options ↔️

    You now have even more options when configuring the widths of your fields in any "Details" section! Now by default we show 4 fields per row and you can choose whether a field should take up 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75% or the full width of the section. The more options the merrier!

    Other UX Improvements

    • You can now add action buttons to related collections within a record view
    • We've added markdown support for subtitles across the app - including headers on collection, record pages and chart groups

    May 20, 2022

    Input any time on date time input fields

    You can now type in any time to a date time input for more granular and faster date & time editing! You are no longer restricted to choosing from 30 minute intervals - simply type in any time you want!

    Customise the appearance of action buttons

    It's now possible to customise the appearance of action buttons with success, warning & danger variants. This is super helpful if you have multiple action buttons and want to guide the user. Colours give meaning!

    Other UX Improvements

    • We now support Google Drive shortcuts as folders in our file-sharing module
    • Form improvements to prevent overwriting updates
    • Improved UX of pop-up modals when configuring fields and filters in the builder sidebar
    May 13, 2022

    Reorder action buttons

    You can now reorder action buttons across your record pages, collection views and sections. You no longer have to start from scratch if you reaaally want to switch things up. Simply drag and drop like you do with fields in the sidebar.

    Control group visibility in collections

    Lots of our customers love the ability to group records in collection views - whether that’s kanban boards, tables, cards etc. Now, when you’re grouping by a single-option field, you can hide certain options from being shown at all. If using tables or rows, you can also define whether a group is collapsed by default. Who doesn’t love having more control!

    Option fields now support all characters

    Previously, single and multi-option fields in Noloco Collections could only accept standard letters. Now, we’ve removed all restrictions. This means you can add all kinds of letters, numbers, symbols and emojis. We actively encourage you to go wild. But try to leave some fun for everybody else.

    Other UX Improvements

    • File preview parameters now added to url to enable linking straight to file preview
    • Allow app users to sort collections by all fields (including read-only)
    May 6, 2022

    Collapsible sidebar

    Want more room to do your life’s best work? You can now collapse the sidebar to free up more space so you can focus on your data. This one went down a treat with some of our power users! Work mode: on.

    Calendar updates

    You can now specify the default view of the calendar for your users - whether that’s Month, Week, Work Week or Day. We’ve also made the event pop-ups slightly bigger so you can preview more data when clicking on an event before clicking into the event record itself.

    Improved filters

    Custom filters got a makeover! We’ve made several improvements in the past week. You can use the same field multiple times. You no longer have to separate options with commas. And we don’t allow for typing into fields that don’t make sense - like relationship fields. These improvements apply to both collection filters and custom visibility rules.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Related record fields render correctly on chart axis
    • We now support many-to-many relationship fields in visibility rules & field conditions
    April 29, 2022

    Chart dashboards

    Big improvement alert! Now you can turn any collection in a view or a record view into a group of charts, all powered by the same data and filters you normally have access to! We’ve also shipped new types of charts including pie / donut charts, funnel & radar charts. You can even add multiple series per chart to allow for more in-depth analysis.


    It’s always important to be able to find your way back to where you came from! If your users click into a related item from a record page, we'll now automatically add a "Back to <previous page>" link to the header. The best part? Our backlinks will follow the user journey no matter how deep you go - you'll always be able to find your way back to where you started.

    Decimal precision

    You can now configure decimal precision on your Noloco Collection and Google Sheet fields from the data tab. It’ll default to two decimal places but you can go wild and choose from 1 to 8 decimal places (you crazy like that). We also now sync the decimal precision set on Airtable fields and respect this in Noloco automatically.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Tabs now collapse to a dropdown on mobile
    • We now show thousand separators on number inputs
    April 14, 2022

    Stages section

    Lots of 🔥 emojis in our community for this one! You can now add a Stages section to your record pages to quickly view and update a single option select field - like a stage or status. If the user has permissions to update that field, clicking on any stage will immediately change the record's stage value. It’s perfect for managing a pipeline!

    Arrange your forms into sections

    You can now separate your forms into different sections with each section having its own title. You can also set conditional visibility rules for entire sections within the form as well as individual fields.

    Help text in forms with markdown support

    You can now provide custom help text in forms on both individual fields and on different sections. Better still, it supports multi-line text and will even render markdown if you care about formatting.

    Validation rules on form fields

    You can now add validation rules to individual text, integer, decimal and date fields in forms. You can even specify multiple validation rules for a given field. Once set, forms won’t be submitted until all fields with validation rules pass their checks.

    Add related fields to details and highlights sections

    Want to be able to edit related records directly from your record page? For example, show the user’s company details on the user’s profile and edit the company details right from there? Well, now you can by choosing the appropriate related collection on details blocks and highlight sections.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Optionally configure new stages section to use previously set colours for each option in your single-option field
    • Improvements around timezone support on date and date time field inputs and displays
    • Improved permissions to add support for reverse related fields
    April 7, 2022

    Calendar layouts

    Yet another layout option for your collections! Introducing the first version of our calendar layout. This one went down a treat in our Slack Community. And we already have several ideas on how we can make it even better.

    Customize login options

    You are now able to customise the different sign in options that your app supports! If you have enabled Google Sign-In, you can choose to disable login via email and password. This can be particularly useful if you restrict your Google sign in client to only allow your organisation users to sign up. This is the first of a new set of features that we will be shipping on our new Enterprise Plan.

    Re-order tabs on record pages

    The ability to add tabs to record pages has been one of our most popular feature releases in the last few months. Now, you have the ability to re-order additional tabs by simply dragging and dropping. No need to move sections between tabs or start from scratch.

    Delete unwanted data sources

    It’s now possible to completely delete Airtable bases and Google Sheets that you’ve connected to your Noloco app. A nice improvement to help keep your projects tidy!

    Other UX Improvements

    • Increased contrast between action buttons on collection views and background elements
    • Include Shared Drive folders in file-sharing module
    April 1, 2022

    Add formula fields to any collection from Noloco

    One of our biggest updates yet! You can now add formula fields to Noloco Collections, Google Sheets & Airtable collections in Noloco. This will enable calculating a value based on the other values on a record. Check out our support guide to see all the supported formula operations.

    Add action buttons to your collection views

    You can now use record action buttons on collection views across any display format (tables, cards, kanban etc.). Easily turn on existing action buttons that you already created for your record pages. Visibility rules will be respected wherever the action button is displayed.

    Add conditional roles to your User Lists

    You can now add conditional roles to your user list setup to vary which role a user gets assigned. For example, if you have agents, clients, leads and vendors all in one table, you no longer have to manually assign their roles - just set up as many conditional roles as you need.

    Group records by date

    A few weeks ago, we released a major update around grouping records by fields in collection views. Now, you can group by dates as well as single option, text or linked fields.

    Other UX Improvements

    • You can now select the size of your iframe sections on record pages
    • Original project subdomain now visible on project dashboard when you add a custom domain as well
    • Added formula support to Airtable data sources
    • Improved layouts for those using the Safari browser
    March 24, 2022

    Group records by a field on any collection layout

    Up to now, you’ve been able to group by fields on your kanban boards. Now, you can group records on any layout (including tables, cards, rows & split view). You can even drag and drop records between groups and add groupings to your related record collections on record pages as well!

    Custom visibility rules for tabs and action buttons

    You can now configure visibility rules for both action buttons and tabs inside your record views.

    But that’s not all! We’ve also extended our custom visibility rules so that you can set them based on the value of a record as well.

    Add a hero image to your cards

    Oh so pretty! If the first field shown in one of your card, column or kanban board collection layouts is an image, you can now turn it into a full-width hero image! 

    If your field had multiple images we'll even let your users click through them straight from the card.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Optionally hide empty groups when using the new ‘group by’ feature
    • Allow groups of records to be collapsed
    • Define ‘date-only’ fields by removing the time part via field formatting on the data tab
    • You can now delete any Noloco fields added to your Airtable or Google Sheets collections
    • In-line record creation modals now re-use field order, labels, display options and visibility rules already configured on main form page
    • Split view filters now persist when navigating between tabs on the associated record page
    March 14, 2022

    Split view on collections

    Boost your productivity by showing records side-by-side with your collection list. This one’s a bit of a game-changer!

    Preview Word Docs, Excel Files and Text Files in the app

    Up till now, we only supported image and pdf preview within Noloco apps. Now, you can preview Word, Excel & Text files as well. This will save a lot of time in comparison to downloading and opening each file to view its contents.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Chosen filters persist when navigating between collection and record views
    • Improved mobile experience by increasing default font size - no more automatic zooming on text inputs
    March 4, 2022

    Add tabs to record views

    You can now add different tabs to your record views to better organise your different sections e.g. keep related record details separate on their own tab. You can also easily re-order sections and move them between tabs as well.

    Disable syncing of specific tables on Airtable or Google Sheets data sources 🔀

    You can now keep your project nice and tidy by disabling unwanted collections from your Airtable and Google Sheets data sources. This is particularly useful if you’ve connected a source with lots of tables and you don’t need all of them.

    Change the field type of Google Sheets collections

    When you connect your Google Sheet we try our best to figure out the appropriate field type of each column - but sometimes we get it wrong. That's no longer a problem as you can easily switch the field type right from the Data tab. Choose between text, decimals, integers and single option selects to correct the field type.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Enable connecting the same Google Account to multiple projects (for connecting Google Sheets & file-sharing)
    • Kanban boards now take up the full width of the screen
    February 25, 2022

    Clone workflows

    You can now clone workflows in your projects. Simply click the copy icon (next to delete) when you are viewing a workflow and an identical one will be created for you.

    Drag & drop to re-order single & multi-option field options

    It's now possible to to re-order your field options in Noloco Collections from the data tab! This will change the appearance order they appear in the selection dropdown & reorder kanban board columns grouped by a select option.

    Google Sign-In on Register Page for those using open sign-up

    For those using open sign-up to their apps, your users can now register with Google Sign-In if you have set up and connected your Google Sign In client via your app settings. This was already available to users via the login and ‘join’ pages.

    Other UX Improvements

    • You can now delete permission rules to keep your permissions tab neat
    • Easily search Messaging and File-Sharing modules for particular clients with our new search bar feature
    February 18, 2022

    Delete files that are part of multi-file fields

    Until now, you haven't been able to delete files that are part of a multi-file field.

    Now all you have to do it open the preview and confirm that you want to delete the chosen file. This is great if you've uploaded the wrong file, need to replace a file or any other reason why you might need to delete a file.

    Download template for csv import

    Another improvement to our csv import functionality! When importing a CSV you can now download a template with the expected headers. This should make it easier to populate the expected fields and help avoid any manually mapping of columns to fields - it’ll be picked up automatically!

    Other UX Improvements

    • We now automatically support the user locale for date inputs based on their browser settings
    • Long text fields with lots of text will now align nicely in the top left of the field
    • The ‘required’ field setting no longer applies to fields that are hidden due to conditional visibility rules
    February 10, 2022

    Add titles & subtitles to Details blocks

    Now you can directly add a title and a subtitle to any of your 'Detail' sections. Better yet, the subtitle supports markdown so you can control the formatting just as you like it. This is really useful if you want to have common text across different record pages, like instructions and additional information.

    Enable custom filters on relationship input fields

    Let's get granular and down to the nitty gritty! You can now apply custom filters to all input options fields - such as in forms and record pages. In this example here, I have an 'Application' form that relates to various types of Loan 'Products'. I can now limit the ‘Product’ dropdown options for a loan application to only show the user those containing the word 'Mortgage'.

    Other UX Improvements

    • You can now specify default field values in your csv imports! For example, if you wanted an employer to import a list of their employees, you can specify that the company of all those employees should be the same as the logged in user’s company. No need to have a column specifying this value for all the employees in the spreadsheet.
    February 3, 2022

    On-Demand Workflows

    Enable your team or customers to trigger workflows in one-click. Simply add a button to a record page that triggers an on-demand workflow. For example, add a button that sends an email to users to remind them to complete registration. On-demand workflows are great for saving time on manual tasks!

    CSV Import

    Want to bulk import a load of data into your Noloco collections or external data sources? Now you can let your users import csv files directly from your app whilst staying in control of which fields they can access. The whole process happens in the background and the user gets notified when the upload is complete. 

    Oh and we did a lil speed test there - 15,000 rows imported in <2 mins 🔥

    Other UX Improvements

    • We’ve also improved csv import from the data tab to allow the user who imports a file to continue interacting with the app without having to wait for the upload to complete - it all happens seamlessly in the background
    • We improved our user list syncing for those using Google Sheets
    January 27, 2022

    Field formats

    Need to restrict a certain text field to a single line? Maybe you want to always display a number as a percentage, or a currency? Well now you can with Field Formats.

    When you’re adding a new field you can specify the format or edit an existing field by clicking the column header on the data tab. And for those using Airtable, we’ll sync your configuration so your currencies, percentages, single line texts and multi-line texts will now be supported natively in Noloco.

    Toggle workflows on & off

    Another highly requested feature from our blossoming community! Some of our most active customers wanted to be able to turn off a workflow when setting it up or making changes. Nobody wants to send an email or a webhook at the wrong time. This just made total sense to us - so we shipped this handy little toggle to be able to turn off a workflow. Simply flick it back on when you’re ready to put your workflow live.

    Other UX Improvements

    • We’ve expanded our Automatic Links feature to also work with single-option fields
    • We improved our Airtable syncing by sporadically doing full syncs of the data to make sure everything gets picked up
    January 21, 2022

    Choose which fields to watch in a workflow

    Big improvement to our workflows! If you only want an update workflow to run if certain fields are updated, you can now specify those fields in the ‘fields to watch’ section.
    For example, perhaps you want to run a workflow only when you assign a ticket to someone or when the status field is updated. Now you have that level of control!

    Support for password protected Airtable bases

    Don’t want to create a public sharing link to your Airtable base? Prefer to restrict access with a password? We’ve now added support to integrate with password protected Airtable bases.

    Action buttons in record Details & Title sections

    You now have more control over where you add your action buttons on record pages - as opposed to being limited to adding them to the top. See our guide here for more info on how to use Action Buttons:

    Sync your dropdown option colours from Airtable

    All the colours of the rainbow…now in sync! We can now match the colour scheme you’ve set for your dropdown options with exactly what you have in Airtable. Soon, we’ll be allowing you to choose the colours for options in Noloco collections as well.

    Other UX Improvements

    • We’ve added a keyboard shortcut (Cmd + E) to make it way easier to toggle edit mode on and off
    • We updated action buttons for users creating pages from scratch (using our ‘Blank’ pages) to the newer style
    • We put in place safety guards to prevent internal users from revoking their internal permissions
    January 14, 2022

    Google Sheets data source

    Have data in Google Sheets that you want to bring into your Noloco app? You can now connect your Google Sheets by adding a new data source from the data tab in Noloco or by choosing Google Sheets during the project creation flow.

    Create new records via action buttons

    This is a massive improvement to our action buttons! You can now add an action button to create new records related to the record you’re on. For example, create a new associated supplier record from a software record page - or create a new buyer record directly from a property record page.

    Field visibility conditions

    Want to add conditional logic to your forms or record pages? Only show a form field if the user chooses a certain answer beforehand, or only show some fields on a record page if the value of another field has a particular status. Field level visibility conditions are our first step towards building complex forms and totally custom record displays.

    See our support guide here for more info:

    Full-width tables

    Have loads of data to display? You can now choose our full-width table display option that expands over the entire width of the main app area. It comes with a fixed header row and fixed pagination - so you never lose where you are.

    Other UX Improvements

    You can now book in with your onboarding manager during your free trial

    January 7, 2022

    Automatic Links

    Relationships between your collections and records just got a whole lot more sophisticated! With automatic links, you can add a custom link to another collection or record from an existing record and then automatically sync that value with a lookup value. For those Excel nerds among us, it functions similarly to a vlookup function. 

    For an example and more information on how to use automatic links in your collections, see our guide here:

    Increased scope of workflow variables

    Want to include detail about which user created or updated a record in your automated emails or webhooks? We’ve now increased the scope of workflow variables to enable you to include data about the ‘logged in user’ that triggered that workflow.

    Other UX Improvements

    • You can now update and delete user lists (where you maintain a list of users in an external data source like Airtable)
    December 23, 2021

    Export data from views

    You can now allow your users to export data from views to a csv. Simply enable this feature in the ‘Buttons’ section of your view settings and your users will be able to export the view in its current state with all filters applied.

    Workflows now support attachments!

    Another highly requested feature from our community has been shipped! You can now attach any number of file fields to your email workflows. We’re now using this feature at Noloco to include CVs in the email notification when we receive a new job application.

    Record counts in the sidebar

    Want to quickly see how many records are in a particular view? You can now add record counts in the sidebar. This is particularly useful if you’ve got multiple filtered views. We’re using it ourselves in our application portal.

    Action buttons in list headers

    You can now add action buttons to your list headers. For now, you can link to a URL like a guide, another page, or an email or phone number.

    Other UX Improvements

    • We now show how many days are remaining on your free trial in the sidebar of your app
    • Improved error page with our cool new Noloco robot
    December 17, 2021

    Open Sign Up

    This was a highly requested feature! You can now turn on Open Sign Up if you want to let new users sign up to your app without needing an invite. This will create a ‘register’ page for your app. See our guide for more info.

    Re-invite pending users in one click

    I genuinely thought for a second that the Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa lyrics were “one click is all it takes” - and I was going to make a joke about it. But here we are…from the User table on the data tab, you can now re-invite all those users who are yet to activate their account with a single click. No more manually emailing dozens of users.

    Users can filter by multiple values at the same time

    Always nice to improve the user experience! Now you can allow users to select multiple values in filter fields. Simply turn on in the filter settings.

    Allow views to be hidden from the sidebar

    Navigation getting a bit cluttered? You can now choose to hide views from the sidebar. This can be useful if you don’t want certain related record collections to be visible. You can still see them when you turn on edit mode if you change your mind.

    Other UX Improvements

    • We now support emojis in names of synced tables and fields
    • Tables on the data tab are now much easier to navigate with sticky columns and fixed height on the rows
    December 9, 2021

    Drag and drop between columns on Kanban boards

    This was a bit of a crowd-pleaser internally! We’ve improved our Kanban views so that you can now drag and drop between columns to update the status of a record.

    When you choose the "Board" display option and group the records by a 'Single Option Select' field, or any single-relationship field (such as a user's company) then you can drag cards between the different columns and it will automatically update the record's field for you

    Other UX Improvements

    We've been making huge improvements to our Airtable syncing. Now most bases sync within a couple of seconds.

    December 1, 2021

    Custom action buttons on record views

    You can now add custom action buttons to your record pages. This is a great way to provide shortcuts to your users to allow them to easily edit certain information without having to sort through the entire page. You can use these actions to update the record in question and related records too. You can also add an action to delete the current record.

    File preview modal

    Now when your users click on a file record, a modal will appear where they can preview the file - for example, an image or a pdf. If there are numerous files attached to the record they can click through them like a gallery.

    Update existing records in Noloco collections from csv import

    Importing data into Noloco collections? Now you can update existing records within collections via csv import instead of creating new records for each row in your spreadsheet. All you have to do is add a column to your csv mapping to the record id in Noloco. No more duplicates!

    Other UX Improvements

    • notification icon on the publish button to highlight when there are unpublished changes
    November 26, 2021

    Passwordless login

    Don’t want your users to have to remember yet another password? We’ve now shipped magic links for a more seamless login experience. As long as the email address is associated with a user of your app, they’ll get an email and can follow the link to log in. Magic!

    Nested pages

    You can now add nested pages in your app’s sidebar. This is useful if you want to group filtered views together and keep your sidebar neat.

    Custom visibility rules

    As well as being able to restrict visibility by user roles, you can now also add custom visibility rules. For example, only want users belonging to a particular company to see a page? Now you can with custom visibility rules at both page level and for individual elements as well.

    Date range filters

    Now your app users can choose to only show data within their selected date range.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Allow users to sort table views by any column (A-Z, Z-A, oldest to newest, etc.)
    • Ability to control element type of fields in tables (e.g. display a text field as a link and control the link text)

    November 18, 2021

    Multiple data sources

    You can now add multiple data sources from the data tab. Connect multiple Airtable bases within your one app or add Collections right within Noloco. We’ll be adding more data sources over the coming months as well.

    Zapier integration - trigger when a collection item is updated

    We’ve updated our Zapier integration so you can now trigger zaps when any of your collection items are updated as well as when records are created. This means you now have a choice If you want to trigger a zap when a record gets updated: you can now either use our new trigger directly in Zapier or continue triggering webhooks from your workflows in Noloco.

    Single record view

    Just want to show your user their profile or their record without having to click through a list view first? We’ve added the single record view to achieve exactly that. Use permissions or add custom filters to ensure that users only see the right record.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Control the order of inline filter options, such as A -Z, Oldest to Newest and more
    • Filter your subscriptions by company in the Billing module

    November 10, 2021

    Airtable syncing

    Thanks to all the hard work from the team and all our beta testers, our Airtable integration is now complete! Data updated from your Noloco app will be updated instantly in your Airtable base. Data updated directly in Airtable will be reflected in your Noloco app within 2 minutes (we’re striving for even lower times and will be testing this to see what we can promise here!).

    We have also completed work to automatically pick up Airtable schema changes (e.g. if you add another field or table to your base).

    Other UX Improvements

    • Newly created records now show up in lists without having to refresh
    • Ability to set default values for hidden fields when submitting forms
    • Default user roles applied automatically when adding a new user
    • Ability to apply multiple rules when filtering lists
    • Ability to hide ‘New’ record button beside lists
    • Ability to change text of ‘New’ record button
    • Wrap long urls displayed in UI of overflowing

    November 3, 2021

    'View as' functionality

    You can now turn on edit mode when viewing the app as another user and you can view the app as another user without having to be in edit mode (bet this didn’t confuse you at all…)


    We've got breadcrumbs! All about that easy navigation - and damn those icons look sweet.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Enable skipping of adding logos in onboarding flow
    • Prevent text from getting cut mid-word and separating onto next line
    • Added ‘back arrow’ to easily close configuration tab
    • Click away from configuration tab modals to close them

    October 26, 2021

    New onboarding flow

    When you go to create a new project in Noloco, we’ll first ask you to connect to your data source - so if you have a list of users and other tables in Airtable or a spreadsheet, you can connect that.

    Enhanced permissions

    We’re adding easier and tighter controls around permissions. Now you will be able to define at the level of individual fields which users have the ability to read, create and update records.

    Other UX Improvements

    • Builder experience: We know our builder experience was a little bit complicated before. So we’re simplifying it - a lot. When it comes to showing data from collections in the UI (in tables, cards etc.) - you can now just toggle on and off what fields you want to show. Simples!

    Xano beta

    We are thrilled to announce that Noloco now integrates with Xano, allowing you to seamlessly connect your Xano databases to Noloco for easy data management. This new integration will enable you to view, search, create, update, and delete records within your Xano database directly from the Noloco interface.

    As we continue to refine and expand this integration, we are currently looking for beta testers to help us ensure its success. If you're interested in participating and providing valuable feedback, please get in touch with our team. 

    In the meantime, checkout this Loom recording for an example of how it works. We have also published a guide here.

    Noloco is now ISO compliant

    We take privacy and security very seriously at Noloco. Earning and maintaining the trust of our users is paramount to us; hence, we adhere to the strictest privacy and security standards.

    In line with our commitment to developing and maintaining the highest standards in this area, over the past few months we have undergone rigorous testing and process improvements to achieve ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

    This is a big win for our team after lots of hard work and we hope gives our customers even more confidence in the Noloco platform.

    See more information on our Security page here.

    Reformat fields with URLs as Noloco file fields

    For those using Google Sheets, PostreSQL and MySQL data sources: if you have fields containing URLs pointing out to files, they can now be imported and used as read-only files in Noloco. All you have to do is reformat the url text field as a file field instead from the data tab.

    Edit field formatting in context from the builder

    ​​Have you ever started configuring a view only to realise you had to go back to the data tab to change the format of a field?

    If so, you won’t face such issues any longer! We now support opening up and editing a field's settings from any field list in your app. You'll be able to find this on the editors for collection views, action buttons, forms and record page sections.

    Other UX Improvements

    • We have improved collection filters to enable filtering on linked fields regardless of which table that linked field was created on (e.g. you can now filter a table of projects based on the tasks each has and you can also filter a table of tasks by the project each task belongs to)