Launch Week

February 23, 2024
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Next week is Noloco’s first ever Launch Week. We’ve been working on some major upgrades to Noloco for the last few months and our team is beyond excited to finally share it with you all.

What’s a launch week?

Each day next week, we announce a major update to Noloco. These can be brand new features, product redesigns, or a collection of small but mighty improvements.

We’re not the first company to run a launch week, they’re a great way to quickly promote the amazing new things your team has been working on, and keep product momentum.

What happens next week?

Each day, we will announce a major update via email, on Linkedin and Twitter, and in our community. Most importantly, we’ll be updating this blog post with links to that day’s announcement, so be sure to come back to this post to check it out.

Without giving too much away, here’s a sneak peek into what will come next week.

Monday - Day 1: Build Mode 2.0

Monday, February 26th @ 14:30 GMT

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our most significant update to the Noloco App Builder since its inception in July 2022. After two years of continuous innovation and adding incredible features, we’ve redesigned our build mode from the ground up. This update is not just a facelift; it’s a complete restructuring designed to accommodate the wealth of new features we’ve introduced, ensuring they’re easily accessible and intuitively organized.

Read the full update on our community

Tuesday - Day 2: Data Table 2.0

Tuesday, February 27 @ 14:30 GMT

Today, we're excited to share a major enhancement to the Noloco platform: the comprehensive redesign of our Data Tables.
In the Data tab, Data Tables allow you to view, manage, and manipulate your app data in a spreadsheet-like table. This powerful feature is essential for organizing, viewing, and editing data directly within your web apps, providing a foundation for efficient data management.

Read the full update on our community

Wednesday - Day 3: Customize

Wednesday, February 28th @ 14:30 GMT

Today we're releasing 3 big updates to how you can customize your Noloco app.

  • Customize your App's Sidebar
  • Add the new Notice Component to your app
  • Super-power your Address fields with Google Maps Autocomplete

Read the full update on our community

Thursday - Day 4: Document Automation

Thursday, February 29th @ 14:30 GMT

We’ve added a very powerful new workflow action to Noloco, a direct integration with DocsAutomator. DocsAutomator lets you turn your Noloco data Into PDF — using Google Docs.This new workflow action lets you effortlessly generate documents using Google Docs templates, leveraging data from Noloco Tables, Airtable, SmartSuite, Postgres, or any other data source supported by Noloco.

DocsAutomator and Noloco in action

  • Automatically generate and email contracts when a new customer contract record is created.
  • Create invoices, including detailed line items, when a new payment is due.
  • Generate shipping labels, or delivery instructions for field workers that need to access information on the go

Read the full update on our community

Friday - Day 5: Learn

Friday, March 1st @ 14:30 GMT

Today we’re unveiling the Noloco Academy 1, a comprehensive learning hub designed to empower you to fully leverage the capabilities of Noloco.

Whether you’re new to our platform or looking to deepen your expertise, the Noloco Academy offers a structured path to mastering Noloco’s diverse features.

Read the full update on our community

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