Why Businesses Choose Noloco over Stacker

May 26, 2023
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In the ever-growing landscape of software platforms, making the right choice between similar services is crucial for business success. At Noloco, we provide a powerful solution for building apps without code, and we have been gaining popularity over the incumbent Stacker. The reasons for this shift often revolve around the expanded data sources, increased flexibility, and the wider range of advanced features we offer. Read on to discover why Noloco is the superior choice for long-term business success.

Noloco Offers a Wide Range of Data Sources

One of the primary factors influencing businesses to choose Noloco over Stacker is our extensive range of data source options. Unlike Stacker, which only supports Airtable and Google Sheets, Noloco goes further by offering compatibility with a comprehensive array of data sources. This broad selection of read/write data sources empowers businesses to scale seamlessly as they grow.

We understand that businesses often outgrow data sources like Airtable and Google Sheets. At Noloco, we provide the option to connect with more robust no-code databases such as Xano. By offering a wider range of data source connections, we ensure that businesses have the flexibility to choose the most suitable options according to their unique needs.

The ability to connect with external APIs also plays a vital role in optimizing business processes. Noloco excels in this aspect by offering comprehensive External REST APIs at no extra cost. Unlike Stacker's limited 360 Data offering, available only on a custom Enterprise plan and limited to 70 data sources, our External REST APIs provide unlimited data source options. This significantly enhances the versatility and scope of our platform, allowing users to connect Noloco to any data source that offers a REST API, including private internal APIs.

At Noloco, we take pride in providing flexibility that extends beyond data sources. While Noloco and Stacker share many common features, we surpass Stacker by offering a greater number of features and configuration options within each. We detail this at length in our Noloco vs. Stacker article. This heightened level of customisation enables fine-tuning of data handling and unlocks the ability to support a wide range of application use cases.

An excellent example of this flexibility is demonstrated in our support for personalisation tokens. Despite being a highly requested feature among Stacker users for nearly three years, it remains absent from their platform. In contrast, Noloco seamlessly incorporates this simple yet powerful feature throughout our platform, demonstrating our commitment to user-centric development.

Noloco Offers Advanced Features

Beyond flexibility, Noloco stands out from Stacker with our range of advanced features. With Noloco, businesses can implement more complex use cases, leverage robust workflows, and take advantage of a wealth of integration options.

This advanced functionality proves crucial for businesses seeking to harness the power of their data comprehensively. A prime example is the presence of Noloco's native workflow offering, along with direct integrations with Zapier and Make.com. This makes Noloco a robust, flexible, and efficient platform for building more advanced applications, providing users with scalability, automation, and customisation advantages without the need for multiple automation tools.

Whether you're building simple CRUD apps, advanced business apps, or automating repetitive tasks, our advanced feature set at Noloco opens more doors and significantly transforms your business operations compared to Stacker.

Platform Evolution: Noloco Leads the Way

In a continuously evolving tech industry, the ability to innovate and adapt is a key determinant of success. Noloco consistently outpaces Stacker in this regard. Our feature release velocity, (i.e the speed at which we roll out new features), surpasses that of Stacker, ensuring that businesses using Noloco always have access to the latest functionality, keeping them ahead of the curve.

Moreover, at Noloco, we promptly respond to customer feedback, further underscoring our commitment to user satisfaction. While Stacker often lags in incorporating customer requests, we swiftly implement changes based on user feedback, continuously enhancing our platform to better serve our users.

In conclusion, while Stacker offers a commendable platform, the advantages of Noloco are clear. From our wide range of data sources and unmatched flexibility to our advanced features and rapid platform evolutions, Noloco continues to raise the bar. As more businesses recognise these benefits, the shift from Stacker to Noloco is set to continue and accelerate.

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