Build a no-code app from your Google sheet

Instantly create customer portals, partner apps & internal tools from your Google sheet

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Connect to Google Sheets to build your app in minutes. Without code.

Connecting Google Sheets to Noloco takes just a few minutes, and lets you to build a business app for your customers, partners or team on top of your Google Sheets data.

For example you can pull partner data from a Google Sheet and control which partners see which sheets and rows. You can even update your sheets data from the app and control who can update which columns or rows.

Noloco supports querying arbitrary Google Sheets, with advanced filters,  adding new rows to existing sheets or updating individual cells.

Create the perfect app for your customers, team or partners

Build a client portal that’s tailor-made for your business.

Give your customers access to the data they need and control exactly what they are able to see and edit.

Centralize client communication, file-sharing & billing with Noloco’s ready-made Modules. Spend less time giving manual updates over email.

Join agencies, financial services and consulting firms who use Noloco to create branded customer-facing apps around their business data.

Build the operating system for your business

Streamline operations with a custom app around your existing data and processes. No need to settle for off-the-shelf software that doesn’t quite fit.

Easily navigate your customer data and build simple Workflows to automate manual tasks.

Define user roles for your team members to keep control over who has access to what data and views.

Manage partner relationships like it’s 2022

Make partnerships a breeze with a fully branded partner portal. No more juggling different spreadsheets and manually putting together reports each month.

Define exactly what data your partners can access and personalize the experience with custom views.

Remove the noise and only share the information you need. No need to pay for an expensive off-the-shelf solution that your team and partners will get lost in.

Spreadsheets don’t scale.

Delight your team, partners or customers with a beautiful app built around your existing Google Sheets or Airtable data



Connect your data from data sources like Airtable, Google Sheets or Postgres DB (coming soon).

Sit back

We’ll do the heavylifting for you. Watch as we automagically build a UI around your data.


Add your logo, choose a color scheme to match your brand style & connect a custom domain


When you’re ready, invite your team, partners or customers to your secure portal