Noloco Collections

A flexible database to power your app


What can I do with Noloco Collections?

Store your data directly in Noloco and build your app around Noloco Collections. Easily create your data structure and define the different types of collections you need for your app. Create relationships between your collections to link different records. Enjoy the flexibility of a relational database without having to write any code!

Getting Set-Up

Your data fits perfectly

You’re in full control over your data model. Choose from different field types to store the data you need:

  • Text
  • Number (Integer & Decimal)
  • Boolean
  • Single option select
  • Multiple option select
  • Date
  • Duration
  • File/Upload
  • Rollup
  • Links to other records
  • Formula fields (coming soon)

Data Display

Control how your data appears in your app

It’s easy to format how data should be displayed in your app. Choose global defaults for each field to save time tweaking each view. For example, choose between short and long text fields and say whether number fields should be displayed as they are or as a currency or percentage.

Set Permissions by user role to determine which users get access to your data. No need to configure anything screen by screen.

Go unlimited

Working with lots of data

Enjoy unlimited records on our Pro & Business plans. Working with lots of data is a breeze in Noloco. Enable CSV import and export functionality to allow your users to seamlessly get data in and out of your app. Your users just have to select a file to upload and Noloco will automatically match the column headers to your collection fields. Import thousands of rows in minutes.

Trusted by businesses across the world

"Great UI, easy to use, the best support team"

Clean UI, great customisation, and the best support team I have ever experienced with any software. Feature rollouts sometime 4-5 times a week, even 2 times a day at some points. We needed an internal & client tool and evaluated other tools, we loved the flexibility and UI design of Noloco the best, which rollouts feature near-daily. Bright future for this team and product! 

Fergman Enterprises
Clayton G
VP of Operations
Real Estate

"Create amazing apps for your business"

Noloco is incredible, it has brought a touch of magic to our data in Google Sheet and Airtable - we've been able to create beautiful apps in minutes. This is true no code, it's easy to use and puts you in control of your data. The support is world-class and their roadmap is moving at pace.

FD works
Jonathan G
MD and Founder of FD Works

"Best UI platform for Airtable"

What I like about Noloco is that it comes with a beautiful UI/UX by default, as well as third-party modules (Google Drive, Stripe, Quickbooks), Zapier connections, Google Sign-in, full-page iFrames, external APIs with OAuth 2.0 support, and finally the Key command (Cmd + E) 🐐

No-code experts
Connor G
CEO of No-Code Consulting
No-Code Expert

"Great product for digitilizing any business"

Noloco is simple to use, loaded with features, and the team has incredible velocity in pushing out new features and functionality. We are building an internal portal for real estate data and Noloco saved lots of money and engineering time. Perfect for internal data tools, whether prototyping or in production.

Fiera Real Estate
David B
Associate Director at Fiera Real Estate
Real Estate

"Noloco is perfect to create a customer portal"

Noloco's whole setup process was super smooth and we managed to get ready in less than 2 weeks of setup. After that, it was also really easy to change views or data schema with Noloco after getting feedback from our customers. I also really enjoyed the support from their team. They helped us get set up and were there any time we had a question. So far, I'm super happy.

Emile Victor P
Product Owner at Okun

"Unique software that helped grow my business very fast"

I run a company that works with lead generation for our customers. I was seeking a service where I could build a portal and control the workflow. Our business has grown by over 500% thanks to services delivered by Noloco. New functions are constantly being developed and released, and the support is wonderful and usually responds within a few minutes.

Andreas S
Founder of PHX
Web Agency