Connect your business data

Build an app around your business data

Data Sources

It all starts with your data

We want to make it as easy as possible for your business to create an app around your data - wherever it might be stored. Right now, you can import your data directly into Noloco Collections from your spreadsheets or connect your existing Airtable or Google Sheets to build an app in minutes.

Data Access

Enable your team or customers to access & edit data

Once you set up your data source, Noloco automatically creates pages around each of your data collections including lists, detailed view and forms. You can then enable your app users to view, edit or create records directly from your app. Use Permissions to control which types of users have different levels of access.

Data Relationships

Relationships don’t have to be complicated

Easily create relationships or mappings between your various data collections without writing a line of code. Add powerful filters to views in your app so that users only see the information they should see. For example, perhaps you only want a user to view their own list of properties.

CSV Import & Export

Working with lots of data?

Got thousands of rows? Save time by importing your data in bulk. Allow your team or customers to import spreadsheets and continue using your app as the data seamlessly uploads in the background.
Your imported data will sync automatically to your external data sources like Airtable or Google Sheets. Or use Noloco Collections to store unlimited records.