August 9, 2022

Adding new display options for text fields, grouping map pins based on any single option field, and much more…

New display options for text fields ↔️

If you want to bring more attention to certain fields, you can now display them as headings, with the choice of h1, h2 or h3 styles. 

These can be used in both collections and details sections, giving you more control over your app.

Grouping map pins 🗺📍

You can now group your map pins by any single option field, and we will use the option colour for the pin. Just set the Group by option in your collection view's display options.

Update to our file field options 📂

If your files don't need the ability to be previewed in a modal, like a profile picture, or company logo, you can now choose to display them as plain elements, which remove the modal preview from the thumbnails. 

Backlinks now work with tabs 🔗

Our backlinks do exactly what they say on the tin, bring you back to where you came from! All backlinks now bring you to the exact tab you were on before navigating to a related record/view/form.

Disable user edits on the Record Stages Element 📴

Perfect for when you only want to use stages as a visual indicator and want to prevent accidental clicks. If you toggle this on, when users click on the stages element nothing will happen. 

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now filter the values you can choose for your linked filter fields
  • You can now use record properties in dynamic iframe URLs
  • Validation rules on date fields work as expected
  • You can now use relative dates like 'today' as default values in forms
  • Use any protocol like slack:// when linking out from Noloco
  • Your app's tab title is now updated to show more context as you move through the app

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