December 8, 2022

Advanced permission rules & text validation rules

Advanced permission rules based on field values 🔒

Up until now, you’ve only been able to set record-level permissions based on relationship fields. In other words, you could control which records a user could access as long as the user record had a direct relationship with the relevant collection of records (e.g. a list of properties linked to the user).

Now, you can build rules based on record field values as well! Plus, you can now write complex rules with and/or branching to set multiple conditions to control record access.

As an example, you can now build an applicant tracking system where a user can only access applicant records where their manager is the hiring manager and if the application is still in progress based on a single option status field.

Set validation rules based on contents of text fields ✅

You can now set validation rules for text fields based on the contents of the text itself, extending the previous set of validation rules which were based around text length, format and regex matching.

Dynamic rules based on the logged in user and the rest of the form values are fully supported.

Other UX Improvements

  • Canvas now shows newly cloned pages after cloning instead of the parent
  • Improved filtering for builders searching for particular collections in workflows

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