January 23, 2023

Airtable OAuth

Airtable OAuth

As some of you may be aware Airtable is improving how third-party services like Noloco integrate with it by adding support for OAuth.

Although no immediate action is required for existing customers with connected Airtable bases, eventually all our customers will need to move over to using the OAuth authentication to continue syncing their Airtable bases. We have published a guide here on how to connect your Airtable account and authorise access to specific bases.

We’re excited that Airtable has made these changes as it improves the user experience for our customers and also improves security around your data.

Other UX Improvements

  • We no longer show the former default Noloco Collection for ‘Company’ records when you create a new app - just the default ‘User’ collection
  • We now handle negative values on duration fields

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