April 7, 2022

Calendar layouts, customise login options & re-order tabs

Calendar layouts

Yet another layout option for your collections! Introducing the first version of our calendar layout. This one went down a treat in our Slack Community. And we already have several ideas on how we can make it even better.

Customize login options

You are now able to customise the different sign in options that your app supports! If you have enabled Google Sign-In, you can choose to disable login via email and password. This can be particularly useful if you restrict your Google sign in client to only allow your organisation users to sign up. This is the first of a new set of features that we will be shipping on our new Enterprise Plan.

Re-order tabs on record pages

The ability to add tabs to record pages has been one of our most popular feature releases in the last few months. Now, you have the ability to re-order additional tabs by simply dragging and dropping. No need to move sections between tabs or start from scratch.

Delete unwanted data sources

It’s now possible to completely delete Airtable bases and Google Sheets that you’ve connected to your Noloco app. A nice improvement to help keep your projects tidy!

Other UX Improvements

  • Increased contrast between action buttons on collection views and background elements
  • Include Shared Drive folders in file-sharing module

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