November 2, 2023

Chart Color Customization and Record Comments Improvements

Chart Color Customization

We've been listening to your feedback, and we're excited to unveil an enhancement in the way you visualize your data within Noloco.

What’s new?

Previously, our chart colors were tied to the app's theme, and while this provided consistency, it sometimes didn’t deliver on clarity or aesthetic appeal. So, we went back to the drawing board and came out with something more flexible and visually engaging.

Dive into the New Features:

  • Choose Your Hue: With 12 different color schemas now at your disposal, you have more control over how your charts resonate with your audience.

  • Accessibility First: We're proud to highlight our palette tailored specifically for the visually impaired, reinforcing our dedication to inclusivity.

Getting Started:

It's simple! Head over to the chart settings in your app, pick your preferred color schema, and witness your charts come alive in a whole new light.

Record Comments Improvements

Recognizing the pivotal role that comments and notes play in collaboration and data management, we’ve made sure this update brings you greater flexibility and control.

Admin Control: To maintain clarity and accuracy, admins now have the ability to delete any comment or note. This ensures that inadvertent or outdated comments don't cloud the conversation.

Versatility in Comment Display: Extend your commenting capability. Add a comment component not just in the usual comment sidebar, but also to any record page or blank page, optimizing the way you interact with records.

Using Record comments, your teams can continue to collaborate seamlessly, and these updates are designed to make that process even smoother

Other UX Improvements

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