January 21, 2022

Choose fields to watch in workflows, protected Airtable bases, more action buttons & colour syncing for dropdowns!

Choose which fields to watch in a workflow

Big improvement to our workflows! If you only want an update workflow to run if certain fields are updated, you can now specify those fields in the ‘fields to watch’ section.
For example, perhaps you want to run a workflow only when you assign a ticket to someone or when the status field is updated. Now you have that level of control!

Support for password protected Airtable bases

Don’t want to create a public sharing link to your Airtable base? Prefer to restrict access with a password? We’ve now added support to integrate with password protected Airtable bases.

Action buttons in record Details & Title sections

You now have more control over where you add your action buttons on record pages - as opposed to being limited to adding them to the top. See our guide here for more info on how to use Action Buttons: https://guides.noloco.io/views/action-buttons

Sync your dropdown option colours from Airtable

All the colours of the rainbow…now in sync! We can now match the colour scheme you’ve set for your dropdown options with exactly what you have in Airtable. Soon, we’ll be allowing you to choose the colours for options in Noloco collections as well.

Other UX Improvements

  • We’ve added a keyboard shortcut (Cmd + E) to make it way easier to toggle edit mode on and off
  • We updated action buttons for users creating pages from scratch (using our ‘Blank’ pages) to the newer style
  • We put in place safety guards to prevent internal users from revoking their internal permissions

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