February 25, 2022

Clone workflows, re-order options & register with Google Sign In

Clone workflows

You can now clone workflows in your projects. Simply click the copy icon (next to delete) when you are viewing a workflow and an identical one will be created for you.

Drag & drop to re-order single & multi-option field options

It's now possible to to re-order your field options in Noloco Collections from the data tab! This will change the appearance order they appear in the selection dropdown & reorder kanban board columns grouped by a select option.

Google Sign-In on Register Page for those using open sign-up

For those using open sign-up to their apps, your users can now register with Google Sign-In if you have set up and connected your Google Sign In client via your app settings. This was already available to users via the login and ‘join’ pages.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now delete permission rules to keep your permissions tab neat
  • Easily search Messaging and File-Sharing modules for particular clients with our new search bar feature

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