May 6, 2022

Collapsible sidebars, calendar updates & better filters ↔️

Collapsible sidebar

Want more room to do your life’s best work? You can now collapse the sidebar to free up more space so you can focus on your data. This one went down a treat with some of our power users! Work mode: on.

Calendar updates

You can now specify the default view of the calendar for your users - whether that’s Month, Week, Work Week or Day. We’ve also made the event pop-ups slightly bigger so you can preview more data when clicking on an event before clicking into the event record itself.

Improved filters

Custom filters got a makeover! We’ve made several improvements in the past week. You can use the same field multiple times. You no longer have to separate options with commas. And we don’t allow for typing into fields that don’t make sense - like relationship fields. These improvements apply to both collection filters and custom visibility rules.

Other UX Improvements

  • Related record fields render correctly on chart axis
  • We now support many-to-many relationship fields in visibility rules & field conditions

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