October 31, 2023

Create Noloco Table from CSV Files & Customizable action buttons

Create Noloco Tables From CSV Files

Starting today, you can now create Noloco tables directly from CSV files. With just a few clicks, you can turn your data into a structured, usable table within your app. Our AI will even spin up whatever view we think would be most appropriate for it to get you started!

How It Works:

1️⃣ Drag & Drop: Just drag and drop your CSV file into the new import modal.

2️⃣ Automatic Schema Creation: We do the heavy lifting by automatically generating a schema for your table, including field names and types.

3️⃣ Customize with Ease: Tweak the schema as needed – change field types, or exclude columns you don’t need.

4️⃣ Table Ready: We set up your table and import your data, we’ll even use our AI to magically set up a view for it. No more data entry nightmares.

Simply select 'Import file' from the new source menu in your app or from the data source page in the app creation flow to get started.

Custom Icons for Action Buttons

Icons are a universal language, and they can play a significant role in making your apps more intuitive and visually appealing. With that, we are excited to announce that you can now set custom icons on your action buttons in Noloco. No more need to copy and paste emojis and deal with inconsistent button appearances across various platforms. This change will bring greater consistency and flexibility to your apps!

Other UX Improvements

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