December 1, 2021

Custom action buttons and better file previews

Custom action buttons on record views

You can now add custom action buttons to your record pages. This is a great way to provide shortcuts to your users to allow them to easily edit certain information without having to sort through the entire page. You can use these actions to update the record in question and related records too. You can also add an action to delete the current record.

File preview modal

Now when your users click on a file record, a modal will appear where they can preview the file - for example, an image or a pdf. If there are numerous files attached to the record they can click through them like a gallery.

Update existing records in Noloco collections from csv import

Importing data into Noloco collections? Now you can update existing records within collections via csv import instead of creating new records for each row in your spreadsheet. All you have to do is add a column to your csv mapping to the record id in Noloco. No more duplicates!

Other UX Improvements

  • notification icon on the publish button to highlight when there are unpublished changes

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