July 15, 2022

Custom themes, chart option colours & choose tables to sync 🚀

Set custom colours for your app's theme 🌈

As always, you may choose one of our existing themes. But from now on, you can also set unique custom colours that match with your brand. Then we'll create a theme for you that you can tweak as much as you want!

Head over to your app's Theme & Design settings to get started with custom themes 🌈

Check out the Support guide for more info!

Set your charts to use your option colours 📊

If your chart's x-axis is a single option field, you can use the colours you've defined for your options (in Airtable for example)

Currently it's supported in Bar charts, Pie Charts and Funnel charts

Choose which tables to sync from external data sources ☑️

You can now choose which tables to import from the sources when you connect a new data source.

There are two main benefits to this: 

  1. Disabling unwanted tables here can speed up the sync ⏱
  2. You don't have to go through each table one by one after connecting to eliminate those you don't want in your app 📑

Other UX Improvements

  • We no longer allow for clicking on empty related record links
  • We now show an empty state for empty folders instead of redirecting users elsewhere

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