February 10, 2022

Details block titles and subtitles & Custom Filters on input fields

Add titles & subtitles to Details blocks

Now you can directly add a title and a subtitle to any of your 'Detail' sections. Better yet, the subtitle supports markdown so you can control the formatting just as you like it. This is really useful if you want to have common text across different record pages, like instructions and additional information.

Enable custom filters on relationship input fields

Let's get granular and down to the nitty gritty! You can now apply custom filters to all input options fields - such as in forms and record pages. In this example here, I have an 'Application' form that relates to various types of Loan 'Products'. I can now limit the ‘Product’ dropdown options for a loan application to only show the user those containing the word 'Mortgage'.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now specify default field values in your csv imports! For example, if you wanted an employer to import a list of their employees, you can specify that the company of all those employees should be the same as the logged in user’s company. No need to have a column specifying this value for all the employees in the spreadsheet.

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