December 23, 2021

Export data from views, add attachments to workflows & show record counts in the sidebar

Export data from views

You can now allow your users to export data from views to a csv. Simply enable this feature in the ‘Buttons’ section of your view settings and your users will be able to export the view in its current state with all filters applied.

Workflows now support attachments!

Another highly requested feature from our community has been shipped! You can now attach any number of file fields to your email workflows. We’re now using this feature at Noloco to include CVs in the email notification when we receive a new job application.

Record counts in the sidebar

Want to quickly see how many records are in a particular view? You can now add record counts in the sidebar. This is particularly useful if you’ve got multiple filtered views. We’re using it ourselves in our application portal.

Action buttons in list headers

You can now add action buttons to your list headers. For now, you can link to a URL like a guide, another page, or an email or phone number.

Other UX Improvements

  • We now show how many days are remaining on your free trial in the sidebar of your app
  • Improved error page with our cool new Noloco robot

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