August 23, 2022

Feature to our record & blank pages with brand new support settings page 📣

Control width of individual sections ⚡️

To give you more control over layouts, you can now control the width of each section individually. 

Choose from Default , Large or Full width sections. This means you can give your stages elements more room to breathe, or show a full-width video or make your iframe embeds wider. 

Simply change the section width in the section toolbar.

Brand new Support Settings page 📣

We know quite a lot of you prefer to get support through Slack instead of through the in-app chat. So now you can go to the brand new Support Settings page to hide the chat widget in your app. From there you'll also find links to the slack community and our guides.

Nested in-line fields🔍

Display fields of direct-linked fields inline without using lookups 

Ever needed to show one of the sub-fields of your related/linked fields in a collection? From now you can choose them directly from your Noloco collection configuration, and use configure them like a native field 

Other UX Improvements

  • Display the count of multi-related fields
  • Range filters for number field filters

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