January 27, 2022

Field formats & workflow toggles

Field formats

Need to restrict a certain text field to a single line? Maybe you want to always display a number as a percentage, or a currency? Well now you can with Field Formats.

When you’re adding a new field you can specify the format or edit an existing field by clicking the column header on the data tab. And for those using Airtable, we’ll sync your configuration so your currencies, percentages, single line texts and multi-line texts will now be supported natively in Noloco.

Toggle workflows on & off

Another highly requested feature from our blossoming community! Some of our most active customers wanted to be able to turn off a workflow when setting it up or making changes. Nobody wants to send an email or a webhook at the wrong time. This just made total sense to us - so we shipped this handy little toggle to be able to turn off a workflow. Simply flick it back on when you’re ready to put your workflow live.

Other UX Improvements

  • We’ve expanded our Automatic Links feature to also work with single-option fields
  • We improved our Airtable syncing by sporadically doing full syncs of the data to make sure everything gets picked up

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