January 10, 2023

Field formatting & contextual warnings for builders

Customise all field formats on external data sources

We've added full support for customising the field formats in your external data sources. For example, you can now change number fields in Google Sheets, Postgres and MySQL to ratings, currencies, percentages or choose to display them unformatted. As before, we will continue to automatically sync Airtable formatting but you can still opt in to unformatted numbers. These options and more can be found in the field settings of any field on the Data tab.

Contextual warnings about data access in preview mode

We know how confusing it can be to remember which users have permissions to see which fields. When editing, we now highlight which fields the user you're currently viewing as doesn't have permission to read, update or create (depending on the context).

For example:

  • Using a hidden value in a form that the user can't see? It' will now show up as red instead of green 🔴
  • Using a dynamic value in a filter that a user can't access, it will also show up in red, or show an error on the filter input ❗
  • Using a value in a collection, form, or import? We'll highlight the fields the current user can't access so you don't have to guess ⚠️

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now choose which particular form you want to use when enabling users to create new records in-line

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