April 1, 2022

Formula fields, action buttons & conditional user roles

Add formula fields to any collection from Noloco

One of our biggest updates yet! You can now add formula fields to Noloco Collections, Google Sheets & Airtable collections in Noloco. This will enable calculating a value based on the other values on a record. Check out our support guide to see all the supported formula operations.

Add action buttons to your collection views

You can now use record action buttons on collection views across any display format (tables, cards, kanban etc.). Easily turn on existing action buttons that you already created for your record pages. Visibility rules will be respected wherever the action button is displayed.

Add conditional roles to your User Lists

You can now add conditional roles to your user list setup to vary which role a user gets assigned. For example, if you have agents, clients, leads and vendors all in one table, you no longer have to manually assign their roles - just set up as many conditional roles as you need.

Group records by date

A few weeks ago, we released a major update around grouping records by fields in collection views. Now, you can group by dates as well as single option, text or linked fields.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now select the size of your iframe sections on record pages
  • Original project subdomain now visible on project dashboard when you add a custom domain as well
  • Added formula support to Airtable data sources
  • Improved layouts for those using the Safari browser

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