January 14, 2022

Google Sheets, field-level visibility conditions & improved action buttons

Google Sheets data source

Have data in Google Sheets that you want to bring into your Noloco app? You can now connect your Google Sheets by adding a new data source from the data tab in Noloco or by choosing Google Sheets during the project creation flow.

Create new records via action buttons

This is a massive improvement to our action buttons! You can now add an action button to create new records related to the record you’re on. For example, create a new associated supplier record from a software record page - or create a new buyer record directly from a property record page.

Field visibility conditions

Want to add conditional logic to your forms or record pages? Only show a form field if the user chooses a certain answer beforehand, or only show some fields on a record page if the value of another field has a particular status. Field level visibility conditions are our first step towards building complex forms and totally custom record displays.

See our support guide here for more info: https://guides.noloco.io/views/conditional-fields

Full-width tables

Have loads of data to display? You can now choose our full-width table display option that expands over the entire width of the main app area. It comes with a fixed header row and fixed pagination - so you never lose where you are.

Other UX Improvements

You can now book in with your onboarding manager during your free trial

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