March 24, 2022

Group records, hero images & more visibility rules

Group records by a field on any collection layout

Up to now, you’ve been able to group by fields on your kanban boards. Now, you can group records on any layout (including tables, cards, rows & split view). You can even drag and drop records between groups and add groupings to your related record collections on record pages as well!

Custom visibility rules for tabs and action buttons

You can now configure visibility rules for both action buttons and tabs inside your record views.

But that’s not all! We’ve also extended our custom visibility rules so that you can set them based on the value of a record as well.

Add a hero image to your cards

Oh so pretty! If the first field shown in one of your card, column or kanban board collection layouts is an image, you can now turn it into a full-width hero image! 

If your field had multiple images we'll even let your users click through them straight from the card.

Other UX Improvements

  • Optionally hide empty groups when using the new ‘group by’ feature
  • Allow groups of records to be collapsed
  • Define ‘date-only’ fields by removing the time part via field formatting on the data tab
  • You can now delete any Noloco fields added to your Airtable or Google Sheets collections
  • In-line record creation modals now re-use field order, labels, display options and visibility rules already configured on main form page
  • Split view filters now persist when navigating between tabs on the associated record page

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