July 1, 2022

Hide options, powerful collection filters & Live PostgreSQL Beta 🚀

Hide options from the stages section & form field

You can now hide, and conditionally hide, specific options from the stages section or single/multi option form fields 

  • When you're setting up your Stages section, simply toggle which options you want to show, or use conditional visibility rules based on other record values

Hide options from the stages section & form field

When you add any single or multi option field to a form, you can specify which options should appear in that field. You can also set up conditions for when the value should be shown.

More powerful collection filters

You can now add an “Or” filter group with multiple branches which makes it significantly easier to refine the data shown to your users

This is supported on both: 

  • Record collection view filter 
  • Form field options filters 

Our PostgreSQL Beta is now live

If you use Postgres and would like early access, let us know 🚀 

Our integration already supports both read and write operations so you can update your Postgres data directly from your Noloco app.

Other UX Improvements

  • We now show a confirmation pop-up modal when users try to delete action buttons

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