July 22, 2022

Introducing Map display option, Sidebar divider & Markdown text 🎉

Introducing Map display option 🗺

We've got an amazing new collection display option for anyone on the Team plan or above. 

Choose the new Map display option, pick your latitude and longitude fields, and your collection will magically be shown on a map!

Some of its amazing features: 

  • Browse the records in a list on the left
  • Highlight the pin on the map when you hover over a card
  • Automatically adjust the map's position to be centred around all of the records on that page
  • The map's pins automatically match your theme

You can use the map as the main collection view, as a section on a record page, or as a section on our new blank page experience.

Presenting sidebar divider ➗

Rather small yet beautiful feature. Now, you can add horizontal dividers to your sidebar. 

Draggable dividers could be added by simply entering edit mode and clicking Add in the popup's lower right corner.

Introducing markdown text 🪄

Now you can add a simple text section powered by markdown to either your Record View or the Blank page!

Other UX Improvements

  • Better backlinks from nested views or blank pages
  • Add a new view to a folder directly from the folder
  • Filter workflows by collection to help you organise your workflows

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