August 23, 2023

More Field Formats, Follow Comments

New Field Formats: Precision Meets Display

We're excited to unveil enhanced formatting options for our text, number, and duration fields, making your data both clear and accurate.

Text Fields: Beyond Plain Text!

  • Email Addresses: Ensure inputs fit standard email structures, eliminating typos.
  • IP Addresses: Validate correct IP address formats for error-free data.
  • URLs: Input correct and clickable web addresses.

Flexible Number Fields:

Add prefixes or suffixes. Display values like “USD$1200” or “120 km” for clarity.

Time Fields:

Limit your duration fields to a 24-hour format for when you only need to keep track of the time.

Input client emails without errors, track website URLs, and showcase budgets prefixed with '$'. Or, as a logistics firm, log routes in kilometres and schedule exact delivery times in your local setting.

Stay in the Loop: Comment Subscriptions in Noloco

We’ve just made following your desired Noloco records simpler! No need to comment or get a mention to keep tabs on record discussions anymore.

Simply click the bell icon on any record, and you'll be instantly notified of new comments. Perfect for when you want to stay informed without directly engaging.

Imagine you're a project manager awaiting feedback on a new campaign. Subscribe to the campaign's record, and get instant notifications on team input, without making a preliminary comment.

Stay connected and informed with our new comment subscription feature!

Other UX Improvements

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