December 20, 2022

MySQL beta & Rating fields

MySQL beta is here

Some exciting news! We've launched our MySQL data source in beta and we're looking to onboard our first customers to test it out and give feedback.

As with all our other data sources, our integration already supports both read and write operations - it's not just read-only. The team have also put together a useful support guide on connecting your MySQL database.

You will now see MySQL as an available data source option when you go to add a new data source from your app or when creating a new app.

Introducing Rating fields

You can now set up any integer number field to be a rating field and choose from 1-10 stars. This means it will show up as a star rating field within your collections, record views and even within your filter fields as well.

For those using Airtable: your rating fields will already have been synced and updated. For those on the Free plan, you might want to trigger a manual sync.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now sort the order of groups when grouping records as shown in this video
  • Improved user experience when validation rules not met
  • Improved typing experience on filter fields where

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