August 16, 2022

New validation rules for form fields, file field options & more 🆕

New validation rules for your form fields ✅

In addition to your existing validation rules you can also check that any text field:

  • Is a valid email address 📧
  • Is a valid URL 🔗
  • Matches any pattern by specifying Regex /Regular Expression 🪄

The last rule is particularly powerful if you need to validate things like phone numbers, VAT numbers, postcodes or anything else.

More powerful record collection sections ⚡️

Previously, you could only create totally new records from related record collections. Now, you can now directly add/remove existing records to relationships from related record views on the record page 📑

By default this behaviour is off - to enable it, toggle on the option from the buttons part of the related record collection editor ✍️

Update to our file field options 📂

If your files don't need the ability to be previewed in a modal, like a profile picture, or company logo, you can now choose to display them as plain elements, which remove the modal preview from the thumbnails. 

Group your calender events 📆

Just like Maps you can now group your calendar events by a Single Option field and we will use the option colour for the event 🌈 

Just set the Group by option in your collection view's display options.

Updates to our Change User dialogue

Now when you open the popover you can immediately start typing into the search box 🔍

If that wasn't enough, you can also Favorite ⭐️ as many users as you want that will be pinned to the top of the list 📍

This should make it much easier to switch between the several test users to evaluate your app 🧪

Other UX Improvements

  • Optionally hide icons in Quick links
  • Add clearer comment time to record comments
  • Extend the number of years in the date-picker input

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