February 3, 2022

On-Demand Workflows & CSV Import

On-Demand Workflows

Enable your team or customers to trigger workflows in one-click. Simply add a button to a record page that triggers an on-demand workflow. For example, add a button that sends an email to users to remind them to complete registration. On-demand workflows are great for saving time on manual tasks!

CSV Import

Want to bulk import a load of data into your Noloco collections or external data sources? Now you can let your users import csv files directly from your app whilst staying in control of which fields they can access. The whole process happens in the background and the user gets notified when the upload is complete. 

Oh and we did a lil speed test there - 15,000 rows imported in <2 mins 🔥

Other UX Improvements

  • We’ve also improved csv import from the data tab to allow the user who imports a file to continue interacting with the app without having to wait for the upload to complete - it all happens seamlessly in the background
  • We improved our user list syncing for those using Google Sheets

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