June 3, 2022

One-click action buttons, a new ‘navigate to’ option in the action buttons & add external links

One-click action buttons

Previously, action buttons in Noloco would always open a modal (or confirmation box) before performing any activities, but now you may set them up to run on a single click.

A new ‘navigate to’ option in the action button

When compared to the collection link buttons, this action button provides more flexibility. It can open pages within your Noloco project or dynamic links based on record values. These can also be configured to open links in either a new tab or the same tab.

Now we allow specifying the default value for your form fields

With our latest update, we hope you can say goodbye to filling the same values over & over on your forms. We now allow specifying the default value for your form fields. This is supported for all field types except file uploads. Hopefully, this will make filling them out quicker & easier.

Open new records

Finally, we now let you configure whether to open new records created by action buttons. Previously we always opened these but now you can disable this if you choose to. 

Add external links

Now you can add external links to your app's sidebar

  1. Personalise your external links using dynamic user variables
  2. Choose from URL, Page (somewhere else in the app), Email, or Telephone type links
  3. Need to add a quick link to your sales number → choose a telephone link
  4. Need to add a quick email link to the user's account manager → choose an email link
  5. Configure who sees what links with visibility rules

Other UX Improvements

  • Now you can add visibility rules to the first tab on a record page (if you have more than one tab). 
  • We just upgraded our "Sign in with Google" feature to the most recent version, which now includes a personalised button.

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