December 17, 2021

Open sign ups, one-click re-invites, hidden views & more

Open Sign Up

This was a highly requested feature! You can now turn on Open Sign Up if you want to let new users sign up to your app without needing an invite. This will create a ‘register’ page for your app. See our guide for more info.

Re-invite pending users in one click

I genuinely thought for a second that the Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa lyrics were “one click is all it takes” - and I was going to make a joke about it. But here we are…from the User table on the data tab, you can now re-invite all those users who are yet to activate their account with a single click. No more manually emailing dozens of users.

Users can filter by multiple values at the same time

Always nice to improve the user experience! Now you can allow users to select multiple values in filter fields. Simply turn on in the filter settings.

Allow views to be hidden from the sidebar

Navigation getting a bit cluttered? You can now choose to hide views from the sidebar. This can be useful if you don’t want certain related record collections to be visible. You can still see them when you turn on edit mode if you change your mind.

Other UX Improvements

  • We now support emojis in names of synced tables and fields
  • Tables on the data tab are now much easier to navigate with sticky columns and fixed height on the rows

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