November 26, 2021

Passwordless login, nested pages, custom visibility rules & Date range filters

Passwordless login

Don’t want your users to have to remember yet another password? We’ve now shipped magic links for a more seamless login experience. As long as the email address is associated with a user of your app, they’ll get an email and can follow the link to log in. Magic!

Nested pages

You can now add nested pages in your app’s sidebar. This is useful if you want to group filtered views together and keep your sidebar neat.

Custom visibility rules

As well as being able to restrict visibility by user roles, you can now also add custom visibility rules. For example, only want users belonging to a particular company to see a page? Now you can with custom visibility rules at both page level and for individual elements as well.

Date range filters

Now your app users can choose to only show data within their selected date range.

Other UX Improvements

  • Allow users to sort table views by any column (A-Z, Z-A, oldest to newest, etc.)
  • Ability to control element type of fields in tables (e.g. display a text field as a link and control the link text)

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