September 7, 2022

Powerful form logic and split view improvements ✨

Control which form users are brought to when adding a new record 🆕

Do you have different forms for different use-cases? Well now things should be a lot easier!

From today, you can control which form the "New" button brings you to on any collection view or collection section. That means you no longer have to maintain two distinct forms or jump through hoops to organise your views.

Make form fields conditionally required 🚩

You can now set fields in forms as being required conditionally on some rules being met rather than being always required or always optional.

Your conditional rules can be based on information about the logged in user or about the other values in the form (e.g. a status or text value).

Validation rules based on other form values ➕➖

Another really useful addition to our forms! You can now add validation rules based on other form values. 

For example, if you have both start and end date fields and you need to verify the end date is before the start, you can now add a validation rule to your end field to enforce exactly that!

Resize collection sidebar in split view layouts ⬅️➡️

You can now resize the collection sidebar to give more focus to either the collection or record view.

All you have to do is change the sidebar width in the collection view display options.

Other UX Improvements

  • We added a ‘Heading 4’ text display option
  • We improved password validation error messages
  • You can now use anchor links in action buttons & regular links
  • We now supports all regular "display as" options in Highlights blocks

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