June 24, 2022

Record Comments & our first case study😍

Built in record Comments 💬

Our built-in record comments allow you, your users and your teammates to add comments to any record in the Noloco app regardless of data source.

Comments support @-mentions, file attachments, and text formatting.

When a new comment is added, mentioned users, or anyone else who has commented on the record will get notified via email ✉️ and linked directly to the comments

Read more about how this works in our Record comment guide

Add column summaries to any table layout

You can now add column summaries to any table layout to calculate the sum, minimum, maximum, average or count in any (numerical) column ✨

You're probably wondering: "Didn't they already ship this?" Well until now, you could only add summaries to tables when you were grouping, and it would only show a summary of the group.

Now this shows a summary of the whole table, whether you're grouping or not.

Our first case study

We’ve just posted our first case study from Fergmar Enterprises who are one of the largest Real Estate firms in South Texas covering a broad range of activities including investment, development, and leasing.

Their primary use case for Noloco is to manage payment approvals for many contractors hired across their portfolios

Check out the case study to learn how Fergmar Enterprises stood to benefit from Noloco by completely transforming its payment approval process ✅

Other UX Improvements

  • The messaging module is now disabled for external users who haven't been assigned to a company
  • We added support for "mailto" navigate actions in action buttons

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