May 13, 2022

Reorder action buttons & control collection group visibility

Reorder action buttons

You can now reorder action buttons across your record pages, collection views and sections. You no longer have to start from scratch if you reaaally want to switch things up. Simply drag and drop like you do with fields in the sidebar.

Control group visibility in collections

Lots of our customers love the ability to group records in collection views - whether that’s kanban boards, tables, cards etc. Now, when you’re grouping by a single-option field, you can hide certain options from being shown at all. If using tables or rows, you can also define whether a group is collapsed by default. Who doesn’t love having more control!

Option fields now support all characters

Previously, single and multi-option fields in Noloco Collections could only accept standard letters. Now, we’ve removed all restrictions. This means you can add all kinds of letters, numbers, symbols and emojis. We actively encourage you to go wild. But try to leave some fun for everybody else.

Other UX Improvements

  • File preview parameters now added to url to enable linking straight to file preview
  • Allow app users to sort collections by all fields (including read-only)

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