November 15, 2022

Rich text editing, filter field visibility & drag and drop everywhere

Enable rich text editing on any multi-line text field

This one got used right away at Noloco HQ! You can now change the input field of any of your multi-line text fields into a rich text editor.

Simply change the ‘Display field as’ setting to ‘Rich text editor’ and the standard text area will be replaced by a dynamic rich text editor that supports bold italic, links, inline code, number and bullet lists and code blocks. The field outputs standard markdown as well.

Rich text editing can be turned on across forms, details blocks on record pages, action buttons and inline editable collection fields.

Conditional visibility of collection filters

You can now apply conditions to your filters so that you can hide the filters for some users, or for some records (when on a record view). For example, your teammates might only be able to see records in one category, but admins can see all categories. Add a filter that's only visible to admins.

Drag and drop across all collection views

You can now enable your app users to drag-and-drop records between groups on all the following collection views: rows, columns, cards and tables!

Once you have chosen a field to group by, simply toggle on ‘Enable drag and drop’ to enable your teammates to seamlessly update what group a record belongs to.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now configure related record form fields to only allow 'New' records to be added

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