September 27, 2022

Small improvements to your app and how you build it

Lots of small improvements

We've been paying attention to the smaller details of Noloco for the past week or more and we've shipped lots of small improvements that will improve your app, and how you build it!

  • You can now easily copy public form urls with one click
  • The builder sidebar now always relates to the current page shown in the app
  • You can now hover over long field names in the builder sidebar to see the entire name
  • Link menu items that bring the user to a page within the app no longer show external link icons
  • Improved alignment on record page elements
  • File fields no longer give builders the option to enable ‘creating new records’
  • Additional spacing added in comments where two users are mentioned side by side
  • Improved calendar pop-up display on mobile
  • You no longer need a value for title in Titles elements if you just want to use subtitle instead
  • We now support markdown headings / titles (##) on Details blocks subtitles

Other UX Improvements

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